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I'm swamped in comments+ shiv that i need to reply to so i thought, what'd be better than to start another topic XD
What's everyone's views on step parents?
I personally recon there should be a law against it XD
My fake dad.. i couldn't begin to explain how much i hate him and for why
He's just a negative impact on the whole family's' life
The mom's obv not happy with him
the only reason she's with him is 'cause she's got no self esteem
I'm just not sure how and when i should tell her this
She definitely needs it spelled out by a loved one though - one way or another

So yeah, anyone in the same boat? Id feel a lot better if someone else was suffering X)

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Although, my stepdad still acts like an idiot most of the time and I can only be around him for so long. rofl
When my mom and my step dad first got married, that's how he was too. He came from a well-to-do family (although they didn't help us one fucking bit because they hated us kids). He was raised Christian... actually when he and my mom first met he was an usher at the local church. And of course, me being Pagan for as long as I can remember (even though the rest of my family is Christian), I was forced to go. He and I got into many heated discussions including my mom of Christianity vs Paganism. At first he treated my mom like shit to compensate for the fact that he was the abusee of a previous marriage. Believe me, she ended that right quick. lol However, the agressions he couldn't take out on my mom (having a bad day at work, then eventually not being able to work) he took out on me. I got the full brunt of it because my two older brothers wouldn't take it, and my older sister wasn't home to take it. He always thought he was better than me because he was Christian and I wasn't. But when I was older and able to stand up for myself much better, he learned that he wasn't better than me. And I learned that he gave up two of my step siblings (he had two sons and one daughter, and I only met one son of his) for adoption. Everytime he said he was better than me I reminded him of that fact, which probably wasn't the right thing to do at the time, but it got him to shut up.
I actually thank you for saying this. Everytime I think of it I think I am a bad person for saying what I did, but I know that it also reminded him that nobody is perfect. A lot of the time though I wish I had met them like I did the one stepsibling. All I know of them is that the one I met was kind of a bad seed (but considering the last time I saw him was when I was about 12 I can't reallyh judge), the other stepbrother I know nothing about, and my stepsister ended up being a judge's daughter. I can only hope that she's tearing apart the system from the inside. XD I hope I do get to meet them one day though because I am curious about how they turned out. I hope they turned out well. It's just REALLY hard to be a Pagan from a Christian family. I remember one time that I had a pentagram ring and I had to throw it into a bonfire because my mom went absolutely NUTS when she found it on my finger. She even made me read some book about some priest who was previously was into Satanism, which he thought he was Paganism and deemed it as Satanism, and burned every book I had on Paganism and Wicca. But I stuck to everything.
Sorry, I meant to say pentacle ring, not pentagram ring. I am drunk at the moment, and haven't slept very well for the past few days. haha
Wellllll..... step parents can be good and bad. My step dad is freakin' awesome.... and there are days when he's a complete asshole. My parents split up when I was 4. We used to live in SoCal, but my mom ended up leaving my dad (and taking me and my sister) because he's an alcoholic. Ever since they split I saw my dad but once a year, if that. He never paid child support, so my mom was one of those statistical single mothers with 4 kids (she had two boys from her previous marriage... her husband then was abusive to her and my brothers...). When I was 10 yrs old she met my step dad. They dated for 3 months and got married. For the loooongest time he and I hardly ever got along. Mostly because I was going through the rebellious teenage phase I guess. But when I moved out after high school I realized that he was there for me both emotionally and financially more than my biological father ever was. He IS my dad. My biological father is just a sperm donor as far as I'm concerned. So, it really depends on the person I think. My best friend Becky gets along with her stepmom ok, most of the time (she even works with her), but there's still some bad blood between them.
My brother's gf lives with us, doesn't contribute and picks at everyone, she has even got pets, and she isnt even trying to get work.
Fucking kick her ass out then.
It would cause even more strife
when i was little my mom left my dad, and got a restraining order because he wasnt taking any attention to us, he was only spending time/money on himself. not a good father. so my mom eventually met this really great guy ted who loved to spend time with mom and us, he'd play games with us, and he'd take care and do things with mom too. he was a perfect guy. so they got married. a few years later i was like 5 and my sis like 6. my mom died. she and ted said if anything bad ever happened not to let us go back to my dad. but in court teds small town lawyer lost to a NY lawyer. so in we moved to my dads house. he'd remarried to a woman named irene who had 3 of her own kids. they treated us like cinderellas. we werent allowed to make eye contact, or look anyplace but down really. we were the only ones that had to clean, and it had to be spic and span, and perfect. it was awful

.. so i can say 1 step parent was a huge angel and the best father to me any1 could ever have. and i can say 1 step paretn (irene) was the devil on wheeels and i wish would not cause me so much trouble. so i guess i'm 50/50 on the topic, as no one is a better person in my entire family than ted. and all he ever did was spend time with me, thats all it takes.


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