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im hoping to shave my head into a chelsea hawk this summer, then grow it into being a chelsea-tri-hawk. however, i still live with parents, who hate it when i cut my own hair. (which is the only way i ever get a hair cut.)  If i do that, it will sadly be about the ultimate "fuck you" to my do you deal with bitchy mothers and snobby brothers who can make your life hell?

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Well I really love my mom and my whole family, but I dont care what they say or think about my hair, piercings, tattoos, etc. But I am really lucky, because my mom is really tolerant about my stupid things.
Be yourself. If your family love you, they would love you with a hawk too.


 Is it just your mom giving you a hard time? You can always tell off your brother.

 Parents always worry about their kids. That's just the way it is.

 In my opinion, as long as you dont go asserting a particular persona that is disagreeable and obnoxious (unless if thats really how you are..) and don't have two asses, you should look the way you please.

In time mom and dad will always accept.

I definitely agree with Vox-Mercy:  In time mom and dad will always accept.

I got my first mohawk when I was in college: I'd always loved the style but the high school I went to was borderline uniforms-mandatory and a mohawk was against school dress code.  Now semi-out on my own, I was determined to rock the 'hawk.  My parents did not like the idea at all, and I didn't nag them about it, I was pretty mature and understanding.  I lived in their house, their rules.  I maintained good grades, and got a job that wouldn't care about my hair.  Showing my responsibility did it for my parents and they let me get my first mohawk (bihawk actually).  Mom loved it, she took lots of pictures and thought it was cute.  Dad, on the other hand, didn't like it at all, and would continue to comment about it, my mohawk, my piercings, for YEARS.

About a year/two years ago, after having rocked a mohawk for almost six years, my dad was coming up to visit.  I would generally wear hats around my father, to be respectful, or even a couple times a wig.  A couple days before his flight up to visit, he randomly texted me:  No need to wear the wig, you're beautiful no matter how your hair looks.  I was out at a restaurant when I got the text, and having spent a long hard five years trying to sort out issues with Dad, everything finally worked itself out.  He realised the issue wasn't me and my hair, the issue was him accepting that I was a full-grown adult and capable of making sound decisions.  I'll admit, I'm a dork: I cried.  :)

Not everyone's the same, or has the same relationship I have with my parents.  My mother and I are really close, my father and I had a bit of a falling out when I hit "adulthood" around 20, but now at 25, we're rebuilding that relationship and finding out we have a lot in common: motorcycles, music, target practice, etc.  For me, my relationship with my parents really matters to me.  I had to work hard to explain that how I dress, how my hair is, all of that doesn't change my attitude towards them or anyone else.  That was just me being me.  Mom came to understand it immediately, it took Pop a while but he came around.  I didn't go about it in a "Fuck you!" sort of way, and they didn't take it as such.  Go with what matters to you, and things'll fall into place as they should.

My mom cried, screamed, and called me a myriad of awful names. 3 years later she got over it. 

If cutting your hair is really that important to you, then go for it. Just be prepared for what your family will think and do. 

Oh and maybe post in a color and font that is easier to read. :/

Lol 3 years later

Well it has been 3 years since I've cut my hair into a mohawk. She still doesn't like it when I change it, but she doesn't cry when she sees me either.

Lol my mom hates it but its all good she doesn't have to wear it

That is kind of how my mom is too at this point.

haha, sorry. when i read that i tried to change the font color but it wouldnt let...either im stupid or my computers a bitch., or both.

You just have to be proud of who you are they may or may not ever accept it but they are not the ones who have to wear it so as long as you are happy let them know that. To directly quote my dad when I came home with my most recent hawk "Why must you always kick yourself down?" But I said I was happy and there is nothing he nor anyone can do about it :)

hair grows back. familys wont enjoy it if a girl shaves the sides of their head of course. 

my parents were cool with it. but they always tell me "how are you going to get a better job" i just tell them that i already have jobs that dont care, why do i need a new one? 

damn the most i have to worry about is asking my job if theyll like it. they always say they dont care but are glad i ask before doing such things lol

I have a Metis father and an Asian mother. I had lots... LOTS, of hair till I was 20. Long, thick, black/red hair. 

It was like a damn burden. On my head. 

So I shaved it off to a Chelsea. They didn't like it, and I probably hurt my dad the most by doing so, but they grew accustomed to the ever changing colours and whatnots.  If your parents really love you, they're not going to judge you or hold a grudge. People have issues with change.


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