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im hoping to shave my head into a chelsea hawk this summer, then grow it into being a chelsea-tri-hawk. however, i still live with parents, who hate it when i cut my own hair. (which is the only way i ever get a hair cut.)  If i do that, it will sadly be about the ultimate "fuck you" to my do you deal with bitchy mothers and snobby brothers who can make your life hell?

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Ironically, there's a hair loss add right under this comment box.... 


i didnt start dying or getting crazy hair cuts till i moved out of my house. 
bottom line, its just fucking hair. stop being a little shit and just wait it till you're out of the house. 

once your out your parents wont care as much because they wont have to be seen with you.

I always clean up my look for family events, I dont mind wearing my hawk down and taking my piercings out for a couple hours. I love my family and all they have done for me even if we've had some pretty hard times, they'll get my respect without question. 

whos being a little shit here?

Your girlfriend.

oh wait, you were trying to be a smart ass.
She asked for our opinions, don't get your panties in a bunch because I don't sugar coat my thoughts. 

she asked for your advice. when you give advice you dont need to call people a little shit. I dont give a rats ass if you say that she shouldnt do it if she respects her family, but there was absolutely no reason for you to insult her. go fuck yourself bitch.

i dont insult until im either insulted or im standing up for someone i care about. i see your point, but thats my girlfriend, and if somebody calls her a little shit, im gonna get pissed off. what kind of a boyfriend would i be if i didnt? also, somehow it doesnt bother me that you insult me, because i rarely see you post anything without insulting people. maybe i just miss a lot of your posts or something, but it seems to me you just have a problem with everything...probably because that makes you feel like a hard ass.

look man, i dont get on here looking for fights like you. The way i see it you must feel really fucking shitty about yourself cuz you get on here all the time and fucking talk down to everybody on the site. its fucking annoying. Im sorry that everyone who isnt you is flawed. God knows how perfect you are. youre probably just some little bitch somewhere who never could make a damn friend so you overcompensate by going on the internet and bitching about how nobody is as punk as you. I fucking hate jackasses like you. I dont know what the hell its like to live in your town and have people youre close to, and you probably dont either, but in this city, when somebody insults someone you care about, you tell that person to fuck off. Its called having each others backs. Do you see a therapist? cuz you probably should so that they might be able to help you get over whatever issues you have that make you feel so shitty about yourself.

robert, you know nothing about my boyfriend, or me for that matter, so stop being a dick for no reason, because if youre so great, then im sure you have better things to waste your time doing. it must take some real balls to talk shit to a bunch of people on a website where they cant beat the fuck out of you.

Sonny: or maybe this is just how I talk and my "insults" aren't supposed to be taken lightly, ever thought of that? No probably not, you flipped pancakes right when you read the word shit.
Way to overreact. fight your own battles kid, your girlfriend is strong enough to bring this up to me if my choice of wording bothered her. 

Emmmallee: that is seriously how I talk to everyone, even in real life. Dont take it personally, I tend to be a bit abrasive but most people get used to it. obviously i dont know you, so i wouldnt insult you for no reason. I've been through the same thing, so i can understand to a point. this is just how i get you to see things in my view, straight from my brain, no filters or candy coats. 

and you know what Sonny? maybe i will fuck myself tonight, that sounds like a lot of fun. 
Have you ever wondered why people say things like that? how is me going home and giving myself multiple orgasms a bad thing? why should this offend me? I'm probably having more fun than most people do on a sunday night. 

saying youre abrsive is the nice way of saying youre a bitch.

I wouldnt say its a nice way. I'd say its a more accurate description because not everyone thinks I'm a bitch. 

BUT I'll correct myself... control freak. 

Hey Emmmallee, I'm complete bitch but most people get used to it. A lot of the times I give sensitive people like your boyfriend wounds that will never heal thus they wont even bother trying to be understanding when I try to make friends with you and still try to intervene even though it wasn't much of their business to begin with. Hope we've managed to stay on good terms because lets face it, sonny is starting to drag this out to a very stupid argument. 


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