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I find it interesting that people can spike and can't fan. I personally have it backwards. I only learned to fan, and spiking is really difficult for me. I have to have my girlfriend do it, and that takes like 40 minutes because she isnt really used to spiking hair and everytime its like a learning experience, ha. what are your guys bad experiences with either spiking or fanning?

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im better at fanning then spiking, i dont think spikes suit me at all!! xXx
I can spike and not fan.

I've managed to fan my hair once. But it looked weird because I have a lot of hair at the back, and not much towards the front.
I have found a way to spike my hair so that it looks even (even though I use two techniques - one for the front half, another for the back half)

I have a wide strip of hair, so a fan does look odd on my head.

I'll try fanning my hair again later. The more I do it, the better I'll get and hopefully find a way to make it look even. But for now I'm sticking to spikes as it's easier for me.
i can spike suitably well (although i may need a bit of help with the back spikes)
and a fan is really hard for me
i've done it, but it came out all curly and weird
my friend helps me with it whenever i put it up in a fan now, cause i dont understand the comb method =]

and i prefer the look of spikes on me
i dont even know what this comb method is. i just pull it up with my hand and spray hairspray, then use a blowdryer. and just keep pulling hairspray to the tips and it usually comes out pretty straight
I can get my spikes really well, but fanning is a little harder. I can do it, but with a thick strip of long hair, it is pretty roguh.
I'm better at fanning... I'm pretty good and fast at it too nowadays, compared to spiking, which takes me up to 50min. I can fan mine pretty much in 5-20min, depending on how I want to style it.
I'm also having alot of trouble getting the tips to close, when spiking and it really bothers me. My hair is just really thick and won't stick together, no matter what, even with got2b spiking glue.
I can do both well, and its all because of the awesome people on this site (Cliff, Richard Povian etc)!
mmm.. i use to fan way back when i had my first 3 hawks, but recently genetics has kicked in so spikes are easier and only take 15min where fanning generally takes me 30min.. i think its all down to your hair, skill and what you like lol.. now if only i can get my back two spikes to stay up when i wake up..
When you guys say spiking do you mean like liberty spiking, or just like a spikier mohawk? Cause I don't really pay attention either way, just put up the hair as best I can. Try to make sure it's evenly distributed.
Someone have good example pictures of each fanned and spiked hawks?
I'm talking about liberty spike mohawk.

I (and many others) used this tutorial on getting the spikes looking good
i've gotten either way down to a five minute task


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