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I find it interesting that people can spike and can't fan. I personally have it backwards. I only learned to fan, and spiking is really difficult for me. I have to have my girlfriend do it, and that takes like 40 minutes because she isnt really used to spiking hair and everytime its like a learning experience, ha. what are your guys bad experiences with either spiking or fanning?

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Found some doosey's of vids in the related, many i havent seen, including this one btw
dude, thats so much faster than me. you should blowdry it towards the end, i dont know if u do. makes it rock solid. what kind of gel are you using???
fanning, is that when u got a "normal" hawk, whit other words when u not have spikes?
yeah, spike, as in liberty spikes, or individual spikes. i wish i was faster at fanning, but my hair is thick, and i like to make sure i do it real well because i leave it up for 2-6 days at a time.
cuz my old man helps me when i put it up i'm never sure what he's going to do, spikes or just hawk, but i don't sey "fanning" i sey rockin :D
here's some pics on me whit hawk and whit spikes
umm, your dad helps you??? weird. and its not that hard really.
Well fanning makes loads more sense.
I can fan more but i've only done spikes once or twice and its quite a bit hard to spike but fanning fits me the most.........
Spikes are the easiest to do on your own, just do the povian method.
I'm waaaay better at fanning.
Spiking is harder for me, I think its a bit because of OCD tendency of mine, I want the spikes equal. So... I usually mess them up when separating them out with rubber bands. After re-doing that a few times, I could have already fanned it...
Once I have them rubber banded, its a cake-walk though.
My hawk is kinda wide cause I gotta keep an undercut for work so when I first got it I had no idea how to fan it, did these ridiculous shitty 3 point spikes, looked like I had a penis on my head. Got better at it now I only fan it


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