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Last night I found a cardboard bum sign outside foodMax where two normally sleep. It said "ALLEN /will do EVERYTHING/ $20"

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I saw a dude holding a sign that said "Bet you a dollar you can read this."
The BEST one said "I need a beer". People were giving him dollars like crazy. "hungry hungry hobos" was kinda dumb
My parents have kept a framed picture of a hobo with a "Why lie? It's for beer. Help the beerless. Thanks" sign in our living room for as long as I can remember.
theres a guy thats sits outside this venue that i frequent, he sits out there everyday and he dosent have any legs... And his signs says give me a dollar or im gona kick u in the face... hahahha i laugh everytime.....
Ha that's fukkin funny. Right after he runs up the stairs and puts on his jogging suit.
hilarious shoeshinin' hobo
sparajunna for the nuggless
_the devil stole my sole.._
_now i need new shoes._
-anything helps-
another one of my favorites is just hold a piece of card board with some scibbles on it
One of my favorites was in over a 100 degree weather reading 'Freezing to death, need money for a cup of hot coffee.' The one's for beer and weed never fail to amuse. Also, saw a great picture while surfing around online of a guy in a power rangers costume holding a sign that said 'superheroes need help too.'
I have seen 'traveling broke need money for grindcore show' 'spaceship broke need money for fuel' that's pretty much all I can think of now, still pretty funny.
Haha, that's great. I've been that kid several times heading down to San Francisco with a sign saying 'need a ride to a grindcore show'. Tis how I got to the last Phobia show I went to.


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