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I have an M-65 field jacket that I've been wearing an adding to for about a year now. I need something large and colourful for between my shoulders on the back but have no ideas. Does anyone have some inspiration perhaps from their own closet?

Everything else on the jacket is weed/metal/ska/punk/skin kind of stuff if it makes any difference.

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make a huge back patch
Any photos so we can have an idea what you already have?
A huge back patch is a great idea, but of what is my issue. Something other than yet another band patch...

Morris, there are some photos on another thread that someone started on army jackets.
art, quote, etc
Well yeah, but WHAT?! I am on this site for inspiration and you folks seem to think punk comes in different brands from a store.
some that will really get up peoples noses
hmm iam having the same problems with my jeans i want to make them a bit different but i dnt know wat to do


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