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ok sorry guys but you can shave off your hawk for a job. girls like us cant (unless you are really desprate lol)
so for all the girls out there around say 20-24? have u found a good stable job and with who? did they care that you have a hawk?
i have a dreadhawk and i'm moving to LA..i will need a good job out there...where can i go? and will they care about my dreadhawk?

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Its not like you can put it up for work :D
I have a trihawk, and I wear it down when I work (I waitress), usually under a bandanna, or just to the side

Ive been searching for 6 months+ and still no job.
I REALLy regret cutting may hair and am steadily growing it back.
So now I'm bald and still no job haha.
Not so much fun.
well i work in a salon so they dont care but your dread hawk dosent seem to be to crazy i think u could hide it with scarves or something while working... niki
yea, i'm looking around. my hawk isnt that bad but its still a braidhawk,dreadhawk...whatever lol.
thanks =)
btw nice pictures. i really like the spider web. i was going to get one but i got leopard spots instead =)
Have had a hawk since high school (2006)
Been employed consistently since 2004.
But I work at Target right now, in OKLAHOMA! (not so cool), and everyone at work loves it.
I wear it up and down, never really tried to hide it.

I work with a kid who just moved from california, and he said they are generally more accepting, if you are more than qualified to do the job. I don't think mohawks are a rare sight out there like they are here, if you catch my drift ;-)
And this kid had dreads all the way down to his knees. haha

And if helps, You can always wear your hair in a pony tail or something. I do if I get lazy and most people are really confused by it haha


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