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heres the deal people.. you go to / you answer the nifty little trivia question and right or wrong the site donates 10 pieces of kibble to homeless dogs (theres one for cats too!) you can do this EVERY DAY! it takes like 2 seconds each and you dont even have to think about the question..just blindly click an answer and youre still helping! doesnt get much easier then that people... go do it!!

and while were on the topic of helping animals with clicks here is some more sites that involve once a day clicks to help save animals, rainforests, etc

animal rescues-clicky


breast cancer-clicky

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and if you have a bad memory, like me, you can also subscribe to and they will send you a daily email to remind you to go answer your question for the day :)
One time I got up to vocab lvl 60, and donated 20,000 grains in one sitting.
I felt quite accomplished, before figuring out that 20k grains is little more than 2.5 cups.
Oh wow, now they have different languages?
I haven't been there in quite some time.
I must try this...

Is there a way to pin topics? I think this deserves it.
ooh, excellent :)

and i've been on freerice for a whiiiile and i've donated quite a bit of rice :D
definately gunna try these ones out though!
i just wanted to bump this up on the front page :P haha

wonder how long we can keep it on the front? :-)
lets find out :P
my favorite part is helping women go through the pain of squishing their boobs at little or no cost to them - and no cost to me!

Kidding, but I really think it's a great site. Breast cancer screening is important. SAVE THE TA-TAS
yeah! ive helped my moms work have breast cancer fundraisers and i made "save the tatas" bracelets :P


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