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Well, I'm not really a Punk, at least when it comes to music... I listen to Glam Rock and Death Metal and stuff like that. And a few other bands like Manson.
I'm a pretty huge fan of Manson, have been a fan for a couple of years, and basically know everything about him/his music. Wasn't too happy with the new album, but hey, Twiggy is back, Rudy Coby says the new album's going to be awesome.
Still trying to collect as much Manson Merchandise as I can, but sadly, I'm poor lol.
yea i still occasionally listen to his old shit like Portrait Of An American Family, Smells Like Children, Golden Age Of Grotesque, Mechanical Animals, Holy Wood, and AntiChrist SuperStar but his Eat Me Drink Me shit was by far the worst album he ever put out
ALL THE FUCKING TIME! i like his new album best. did you know he's making a movie? It's about the leis carrol, another one of my favorite humans
dont be nice to the nazi
nah i diddnt know that do you know when its supposed to come out?
Shut up.
what's up your bum?
ya know im tryin to figure that out myself its like that kid stalks me on these forums an has to get the last smart ass word in. i just ignore it hes just bein a lil shit wanker lol
Oh everyone is entitled to have a friend. Let them go play and have fun.
they're gunna start filming around valentines day, not sure when it'll be released. Nazi???
Oh, It has to do with a different thread.


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