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fuck yea i cant wait to check it out hopefully its better than his eat me drink me shit lol
psycodeathwank is a nazi fuck
hahahaha what crawled up ya twot an died?
such a bitch ass nazi...
yea ignore the shit wank lol but thnx for the info on the Manson movie
New Album's supposed to come out in May

What the hell is Marilyn Manson up to, you ask?

"My new record is done, man," he tells the S.S. "It's called The High End of Low - it's a self-described state of being that I'm in. You're going to be fucking freaked. It's the shit."

Manson is currently in the mixing process - no word yet on a release date - and this month he'll shoot the album's first video, for the tune "I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies." "It's nine minutes long," he says. "Severely sadist. Basically, it's murder, sex, death, the end."

While we're in Los Angeles for the Grammy's, we'll drop by Manson's pad and get the full scoop.

There ya go.

Can't wait for the first song
I do on occasion.
Usually partying with the wannabe goths here in A-town.
Hey, I love a bit of Manson =) I prefer his more industrial style stuff though, myself.
His older works were good, but he's lost it. Anymore I'm ashamed to say I used to like him. His work with Trent was by far the best he ever put out.
I listen to like 2 of his songs but when i seen him at mayhem every1 was cursing at him being there lol.


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