Mohawks Rock

Some things that have become a bit more difficult are:
-driving...i have to put the seat back down and scrunch way down in my seat to fit. do you people with realllly long mohawks fit in a car??
-sleeping. I'd rather not sleep on my back because it will smash the back..but sleeping on my side bothers some of my newer piercings. :S
-large crowds...if someone isn't bitching about getting poked with it they're running their fingers across the top, bending it over or otherwise fucking it up.
-dealing with everyone's sarcastic remarks. I'm sure you all know what i'm talking about.
Other than that, I fucking love it.
The other day I went to buy groceries and 5 different little kids came up to me and told me how much they liked my even asked his mom if he could cut his hair like that :)..his mom wasn't very enthused. haha.

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haha i love it when kids will tell their parents they want their hair like mine or want colors and then i get the "oh, gee..thanks" look :]
The sleeping thing is killing me! I always try to keep it up for a few days and I wake up and the entire back is just smashed! Then by morning it just feels icky so I end up washing it and using more hairspray, I went through a bottle of hairspray in like a week, ha.
use a flexible hairspray, you can sleep on it a decent amount and it wont be messed up by morning..little repairs here and there and your good to go
yeah i was going to try that but its too expensive, and i dont want to waste money then find out it wont work
it works for me! haha
well i only know one kind, and it is heaps expensive in australia
the kind i use is pretty damn expensive..but very worth it in my opinion..
what kind? is it tigi?
bedhead..which i think it made by tigi..too lazy to look right now, i just got up :P
yeha it is
I got aussie flex yesterday, it sucks!
I never had to deal with a really long mohawk....5 and a half inches was probably the longest mine got before I fucked it up and had to cut it. back like you car is not so compact though that there is only an inch or two head room so thats good.

Sleeping...stomach or side....sometimes back and I just repair if needed. To repair I just reshape with hands and usually that does the trick. If needed I would use a spray mister for hair and mist it lightly, comb it out, shape it and blow dry it stiff again. Straightener if needed.

remarks and people bitching....dont deal with it much....apparently I get a lot of glares but nobody says shit...then again what are they gonna say to a pretty big guy who looks extremely menacing? It is not like I portray a bad ass attitude...I just look intimidating to most people who only see me on the I have not had to deal with sarcastic remarks largely...occasionally a person driving by who I cant even understand =)


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