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Alright, I live in a small kinda hick town, a very family oriented place. I love my town don't get me wrong, but i had the break down of my life awhile ago. In school, I had just started being VERY open about my sexuality (Pansexual, that means i will date a anyone, gender or sexual orientation of any kind dose not bother me, including transsexuals.) At first i had the support of my friends, and i thought it would be great, not to mention there is a small handful of other gay people that attend my school. But only a few days after becoming open about it, after word spread. A few of my friend stopped talking to me, even one i had known from age 3. people pushed me in the halls, called me a freak and such, and i even had gotten in a fight cause what i wished was still my bestfriend's boyfriend accused me of trying to hit on her, and he hit me, a few times, hard. But, keeping my head high i didn't do anything back. Once i had gotten home, the school had actually called my home, to make sure my parents knew, and, after that, my mother cried and my stepfather left. My real father, love him to death, told me i would be okay, and stayed with me while i cried. I know this is getting long,and i guess my point to this is, even though, at the time, it all seemed like hell and a half, now weeks later i feel great,I'm damn proud to be who i am. And any other gay,lesbian,bisexual, transgendered people out there should be too, be proud to be who you are, nothings wrong with you.
Love is love, no matter what.


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good for you sammi! im glad you stood up for yourself and other like you. your a strong wonderful girl and dont you forget it!!
always fight for what you believe in! always fight to be yourself! <3
I'm sorry to hear that is how things are working out for you. It still surpirses me how rediculous people still are in this day and age. If I were there I would give you a big hug and tell you things will get better with time. That's the hard part about high school. Teens tend to be ignorant and have a very small view of the world. Keep your head up!
Fuck yes! I have heard countless sad stories of this. What makes it worse is that our "elders" dont do shit about it. in that situation shouldnt teh school (im assuming principle) be tlaking to the students that were out of line and not worrying about if your parents know? I hate the world. Ever see the laramie project? very good. If not then see it,.
thats ridiculous that your school would call about that
Thats what I was thinking.

Did they call your parents to tell them about your sexuality? Or that people have been harrassing you a lot over it (physically and otherwise)? I ran the GSA in my school for ages, and I saw, heard, and occasionally recieved really shitty treatment by kids who literally didn't even know who or what I was - just that I ran the GSA. It stopped, only because I'm the person you don't want to mess with, because I was very vocal and took any issues above me to bring it to the attention of the school, who had to deal with it (harassment is a wonderful thing to know about).

I am sorry to hear thats what happened, but remember, when you're laying flat on your back, things can only look up. It does get easier. And I have a feeling you'll be getting out of there soon enough. :-)
They called to out me. And like,ever once mentioned to them the crap the other people the attend my school were up to
it sounds like a harsh deal right now for you, but you sound like your dealing with it really well, i would look at it as a blessing as its a good bullshit filter, if people dont approve then you can happily wave bye bye and get on with it right?
school is shit whatever your look, orientation, class whatever, people will always find something to take the piss with as it deflects there own shortcomings, keep ur chin up hun x


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