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I'm shocked that nobody here wants to discuss what's going on in Gaza right now! I guess I'll have to start a forum. Maybe it's because people don't think that this doesn't affect the rest of the world. If there is peace between Israel and Palestine, I think we can achieve peace in other parts of the middle east. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Pakistan. These are all countries that our new president will have to take on over the next four years.

For those of you who aren't aware of whats going on in Gaza, you need to read up about it. It's your responisbility as a citizen of the world. And for those of you who do follow this issue, here's my opinion.

Israel is pissed because Hamas won't stop launching rockets at south Israeli town. Palestinians are pissed because they believe that the Israelis are occupying Palestinian territory.

Now, Hamas wants Israel destroyed and we all know that this is a war they cannot win. This is not a solution. Personally, I think that Hamas should be destroyed. I am behind the Israeli army on this issue. There will not be peace as long as Hamas has weapons. It's a shame that all these innocent people are getting killed in Gaza, but that's not Israel's fault.

Hamas says they are trying to protect the palestinian people. If they think that they are protecting their people by creating potential military targets in civilized areas, then they are mistaken. If they wanted to protect their people, they would be fighting their war and building their outposts away from innocent people. They are using a human shield to protect themselves. Cowards.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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In a situation like this, it's hard to know what the facts are because both sides are trying to control the media and what gets out about what happens there. From what I understand, they were letting in humanitarian aid at many points on the border, but travel was restricted. I can understand that because of all the illegal weapons that are being smuggled into that area. I think there is a lot of antisemitism in the arab world as well, and a lot of the violence stems from this. I was talking to a guy in Egypt earlier today and he was saying he thinks that all the Arab Jews can stay because they are from the area, but those who came from Europe of elsewhere must go. As far as ambulances go, I heard one did get hit. But was it intentional? Who knows. And yes, it is impossible to win against guerrillas but I think if they can stop the weapons from getting in and rockets getting launched at Israeli towns, that is a victory in itself.
demilitarize the world
no easy task when you think about it , how do you deal with generational hatred that keeps getting passed down from generation to generation , both sides do it , both sides think they are right and god is on their side , genoside is the only answer :)
That is a tough part of the world and a great example of how organized religions can really cause issues. I just wish they could figure out a co-existance in some ways, because there are so many beautiful things to see in that part of the world. Petra would be awesome to see.

I was sad when I saw the Coliseum in Rome and all the destruction WWII did to it. I hope the middle east bickering does not destroy some of the wonders they have over "unwinnable" arguments.
LOL reminds me of Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail place xD
Fuck Zionism.
1. Learn to share the land
2. Palestinians and Jews share the same Abrahamic Faith Based God :\ (supposedly they are split tribes of related ancient faith leaders and thier way of worshipping this god turned out waaay different)
3. Not all Jews are Zionists (srsly)
4. Muslims need to stop provoking IDF, stop giving them reasons to shoot (rocks vs guns)
5. IDF needs to stop developing killing machines and stop shooting (hooray for high tech butchering?)
6. Faith and Politics don't mix
Eh, can not lose focus of one major fact in this whole conflict:

Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian land.

It's totally wrong to invade some one eles's land with the intention of ridding it of its people and bringing in your own kind from all parts of the world (jewish law of return). For example, more than 350,000 illegal settlers have already built numerous settlements on confiscated Palestinian land.

Really brief history... Israel invaded East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza in 1967, began systematically destroying their homes, killing civilians, violating international law and human rights even up to the present day. So yeah, there won't be peace as long as Israel continue to be assholes.

It's self defense (Palestinians) vs. illegal and oppressive occupation (Israelis).
t's totally wrong to invade some one eles's land with the intention of ridding it of its people

lol, if you live in North America
chances are you are on a native's land that was either taken by force, or signed away on a piece of paper unknowingly by the Indigenous Peoples

yes, i am aware that israel is a large population of jews dropped in there by foreigners, and the policies are intenionally malicious (very bad, illigal occupation), but then you see the crazy religion state of muslim run countries, and it can be just as bad.

would also like to bring up that there are many other massacres that happened (nanking massacre, aremenian genocide etc.) and seems that the world just seem to have forgotten about them after awhile

im not defending jews or muslims here (don't get me started on religion >:O), but it would be cool if both sides could stop the fighting and just peacefully coexist...

it should not matter what has happen in the past to determine who will be murdered
what happens in the past should be insight so that the same mistake cannot be made again, and so lives can be saved instead of squabbled over land
I think there's no simple way to take a side on this. I mean really what needs to happen is that the government needs to stop allowing more settlements to go up and to start enforcing a withdrawal of Illegal Jewish settlements because until that happens the Palestinians are not going to want to enter peace talks. It's really sad. I was actually in Israel when the bombing started in Gaza back in December and in some areas of the country people were feeling pretty tense.
I think both sides to the conflict have valid points, and its sad that the conflict cannot be resolved yet.
I'm actually moving back to Israel for a year Sept 1 so I guess I can report my observations? I am Jewish but I am learning Arabic and I've taken an interest in the Middle East and Islam. I am actually going over there to work on coexistence projects (nothing dangerous) by working with both Jewish and Palestinian youth. We all know that American news is shit, so hopefully in a few months I will have something more worthwhile to add.
Alex N wrote: 'would also like to bring up that there are many other massacres that happened (nanking massacre, aremenian genocide etc.) and seems that the world just seem to have forgotten about them after awhile'

What has this to do with the conflict in the Middle East?


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