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Like him or leave him? I think his music was good but he was one fucked up guy. He was just one physcopathic fucked up guy.

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You got the nail right on the head.
Suck 'im off already!
yes, he was a sociopath, and talk about borderline personality disorder. however, as always with music, it is what it is. i've always found that it's usually the humorless who are vehimently against GG. and i'm sure i don't have to tell any of you that you don't nessicarily have to adhere to the ideas put forth by the media we ingest. we all know the line between garbage, and entertainment and, unless we are all severely lacking in socal tact, can distinguish between the two.
your compareson is lacking in one key similarity. you cage retards and fight 'em, yes that is wrong. why is it any more wrong than cageing an able bodied man, able to discern that he is in a spectator sport? because the retards can't. GG allin, all mental peculiaraties aside, knew exactaly what he was doing, and what kind of name he was making for himself in the proscess.
just for the record, i for one have never concidered him any more a genius than i would ted nugent (tard-o). i honestly agree with the points you're making, but i am still one of those who is disgustingly entertained and amused by the image he created for himself, and his music.

freakin beautiful! now that's a fucking lampoon
like OH MEH GAWD, sombody more of a XxhardcorexX rEbLe than ME!!!111!!!11!!
Listening to him right now. THATS MY FUCKIN NIGGA!!!! Anybody that doesn't like him is a piece of shit. and any one who does is as well.
im not diggin that language
I like how the lead singer of the Dicks would throw enema bags full of liver and condoms filled with mayonnaise at the fuckin crowd.
Love Him


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