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im not a picky guy who only dates punk chicks ( even tho thats what i usually end up with) but god DAMN! girls r so fucking stupid where i live! they go out  w bros and they get cheated on and then come whining to me like im going to symphazise for them, forget that. guys know what im talking about. ladies, if u know some punk dude whos single, hit him up! FUCK BROS

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honey, all the punk girls are smart asses! =p
then get the sand out of your vaginas and STOP! NO ONE LIKES SMART ASSES.
I like smart asses. It just depends on when and why they're being smart asses.
I'd also rather be a smartass than a dumbass. :P
LOL yes
i aint no smart ass
i will become an even bigger smart ass if you are a smart ass to me. i always win
but im no smart ass in general.
i have yet to meet a smart ass punk chick down here. SD all the way. we know how to do it
why would anybody do ANY of that??
Been in a relationship with an alcoholic once, first hit, I way he gets another chance. Plainly, I'm too good to turn into a pathethic chick that comes crawling back, just because it's a 'safe' (as in known/predictable) environment/life. fuck, 1000 times rather have the uncertainty of a future with nowhere to go, than going back.

"Then, IF you find someone, they were in a relationship like that before me and cant trust me or let me get closer to them because they think Im going to abuse them, beat them down emotionally/mentally or cheat on them, when that's totally the opposite of how I am and what Im trying to do."

I must admit, this is very true. Trust is violated big time, and can, and usually will, take a lot of time to heal, if at all. Patience from the new partner is the key (though it sucks, I totally understand)

Thanks to the situation I've been in, I now notice the same problem with myself. Added to the fact I always have had trust-issues...So now I'm a (semi) happy single. I'm not ruling a new relationship out, but it has to be one with a lot of freedom and personal time then, and living together? Highly doubtful.
word dude.
I like punk chicks. It's just there aren't that many in my small town where most people are bastards and everybody knows everybody else.
The few punk chicks there are, still fall into the category that every other girl around here falls into: Like I mentioned earlier, they keep going back to the same dick head abusive guy or the same type of dick head abusive guy. And If they give a nice guy like me, who isn't like that a chance, they never can get over the previous relationship and trust me.
The last girl for example, after over a year together she would still flinch and start shaking when I would go to hug her or put my arm around her because the guy before me choked her and put her in headlocks for absolutely no reason.
It was like she was afraid of me, when I never did anything for her to be afraid of. I never even raised my voice to her.
Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs.

Don't ever feel guilty. It's a natural/instictual thing as well. We all just happen to have different starting points...kind of in a weird way, it's survival of the fittest.
Once you find a girl worth while though...don't ever fucking think about letting her go! Shit like that will haunt you just as bad...
oohhh yea. you will regret it
its like were rare or something or its like girls that arent fuckin dumb are rare
That last bit
"Girls that aren't fucking dumb are rare"
Fact that it's 100% accurate nowadays, at least where I am. :P


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