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Since I seem to get a comment everyday about my hawk, whether shopping, at the bank, in a bar or wherever, maybe you also have had a couple today?

My three today were "darling, cool, and you look like a punk" ( old guy like me???) I just laughed. Wonder what they will say when it's longer than 2 inches and blue color tipped? Learned if you are going to wear a hawk, have thick skin and/or a sense of humor too. GH

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thats one remark................
Well, my mistake. It is supposed to be three, just lazy in typing. Shame on me since I also have written some things. Cheers. By the way, your liberty spiked hawk looks real good. GH
haha good old whoever you are, you make me smile xD
"are you a dyke?'"
hahaha and i screamed at the chick yes and ill eat your VAG!
win xD by the way, nice fucking hawk!
haha she ran so fast,thankyouuuuuu =]
actually lately people have been commenting more to my boyfriend about me than just to me.
apparently some preppy dude asked him if he was dating the girl with the rainbow hair and he said yeah. the other dude just said that everytime he saw my hair he wanted to lick it....
and one of his co-workers asked who the lesbian with the rainbow hawk was.that wasnt really all that cool.
im frequently told that people want to eat my hair, and that it looks like candy...
at our last gig my hair was licked frequently
yesterday i got on the tram to get a ride up the hill to go to class and the drive was probably 50-60 and he said "i like your mohawk. I remember when they did that back in the 80s"
Since getting mine alot have been as people walked past and not to my face such as "I love her hair" and "Thats how I want my hair!" and Im getting attention off of little kids too saying they like it.

A couple came into my work and said "Your boyfriend must be very proud of you" and I asked why and they said "Because he obviously wants people to look at you and show you off that you're his" I was like umm ok.. it was a my choice and not his... but he better be proud! Anyway...

I get a few stupid comments like "You need to change your shampoo if its doing that to your hair" and I just say its stress sending my hair a funny colour.

But the majority is people saying its a lovely colour and cut.

Someone asked if I was an Emo, and I punched them
Oh and a hairdresser told me what to use to lock in the colour and to use this stuff every 2 weeks woo
and what might that be?


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