Mohawks Rock

lol. just thought i'd tell you guys.

my friend did it for me. i haven't put it up yet because life has been crazy with exams and work and stuff.. so i don't have any pictures.

but i love it.

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Alright. Soooooooo..... i suck.

here's my first ever attempt at putting up my mohawk.
that took me way too long.
and i got so frustrated that i wanted to give up, but i didn't.
and my arms hurt... and so does my neck lol.

uhhh, i didn't do a very good job, i guess cuz i've never done it before.
but i suppose there have been worse first-attempts.

oh! and apparently, my hair is the same colour as my house, so it was next to impossible to take a picture that my hair DIDN'T camoflauge into.....

so what do you guys think...........? :D
Very well done for your first time.
looks like youe been putting mohawks up for awhile now lol.

it looks amazing too. keep it now (Y)
He's right! That is a flawless fin.
^____^ thanks guys.
shits all over my first attempt too Courtney :) not many gaps there , job well done , now you just have to get quicker :)
Wow looks good ^.^ I have the same problem trying to take pictures of mine too, as my brown hair matches my brown curtains and doors, piano, most of the furnature, you get the idea. Walls are white, with brown paintings, gah.
btw, ill be going Saturday with some friends, my hair wont be up sthough sadly :( maby ill see you (Y)
lol, sounds good.

im... uhh, the chick with the blue-ish mohawk. LOL.
let's just hope its not raining like it was last year..
just got mine two days ago. nearly got beat up for it yesterday


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