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Alright. I know it, you know it, we all know it. G2B has gotten fucking expensive as hell. But I haven't tried putting up my hair with anything else in a good, long while. And I can't remember what I used and/or tried before. 

So let's all posts our tips, tricks, trials, and errors here!

Fuuuuuuuck yeeeeaaaah!

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heh, same here, I've been busy being a mamma. I just bought some rave. I remember it being difficult to work with, but we shall see!

Look at my pics all I use now is Rave 4x >=D now rave is all I use! Fuckin love the shit! Got2Be gives me no hold and makes my hands and hair feel weird :/

Have you tried getting the shape done with a cheap hairspray and cementing it in place with got2b? Would save you allot of mohnez!

Someone's using their brain cells! That's a really good idea.

for individual spikes(or horns in my case) i gotta stick with Got2B Glued, it only went up a few cents where i get it and it's perfect for anything under 8inches. anything beyond that is not my territory.

elmer's glue anyone? cheap and strong

just a little scrubbing its never been to hard its supper water resistant. but a little soap will get it gone fast 

When I tried elmers I had a lot of hair that came out afterward.  Not sure if it was good, bad or normal but figured I'd stick back over to hairsprays just in case.

yea I do notice more hair out. I figured it just held the hair we lose naturally better then the hair spray.

Supposedly egg whites make it smell really bad.

When they sell cattle at auction they like to make the fur stick straight up and out all over the cow to make them look bigger.  The spray they use is serious stuff.  Here is my story I wrote on here years back about trying it out.

Hairspray for cattle


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