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I know you guys are like "oh this guys a poser look at him asking what punk is" Yea I have an idea of what it is but I'm new so just help me out. My question is what makes a poser? I glare at people from time to time but I just like to. I'm an asshole but i've always been like that. I just recently had to cut off the hawk because of school. I don't think I'm a poser but people always try to say I am or I try to hard because I'll throw an Anarchy A on my school bag or something. So tell me what makes a poser?

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Don't listen to anything these posers have to say.....

JUST CARRY DARTS WITH YOU AND YOU'LL BE PUNK AS FUCK. Also, learn English better then the goth kids. otherwise they'll beat you up.
The whole point of the punk subculture (in my mind, I dont need the whole fuckin world replying and saying "I think blah shit blah shit" k?) is to believe in what you believe in. if you TRULY do believe in what you are and who you are then who the hell cares about what you do in your life? I go to school (my principal actually likes my mohawk, itz sooo cool!) and i get shit for trying to act punk, but you know what? i believe what i believe in and that is all that counts. I love (hate, sarcasm haha :) these assholes on here that go "...." I do agree with that one guy though, you can't fit the stereotype, you have to actually believe in what you believe in. I hate the government, so i call myself an anarchist when it comes to government views, but i am not going to put an anarchy logo on my bookbag and pretend to be real big, i believe in what i believe in and that is it, i just keep it to myself, kind of. if you have any questions just pm me :)
people call me a poser all the time but fuck them do what you want you have one life to live so if they want to call you a poser then let them as long as your being you and not what your friends are
Interesting prior commenting, I never accused anyone of a poser. Although, punk rock to me was slightly political to personal life growing environment crisis tunes with the heavy duty stylish in hair (colorful or extravagant size) & clothing, whether it was denim or leather, but always studs or spikes. Plus from moderate to heavy jewelry & tattoos or neither present, but always the music, apparel & hair style.
watch SLC punk...lmfao
You definetly sound like a poser already. And you do sound like you try too hard.
Firstly, along with everyone else on this site, being punk is DIY and individuality.
It doesn't matter if your poor, if you skate, if your "bad and do drugs". Being punk is taking what people have done, and making it your own. Who cares if people don't like it, even though if you're a poser it'll make it worse. It's all about individuality. I'm not a punk. I'm not a badass. I'm a good person with a mohawk who likes his own hobbies and music. I don't listen to too much punk anymore but mostly ska now. I'm not an asshole who says fuck off to everyone and thinks im a badass cuz i got a hawk. Heck i don't even wear "punk" clothing that much. I wear whatever feels good and looks decent. quit worrying about everything. Be a good person and don't even try just to fit in and be a "badass". Plus hating the government doesn't make you punk either. You got a lot of people out there who hate the government. I think obamas a cool cat and i don't care about what he says unless im getting my life taken.
in my personal opinion man, a poser is someone whose trying to fit a certain standard of something when in all reality their not classifiable as such, in my opinion, taning salon goers, scene people, many competitors ond tiniboppers are all excellent exmples o' posers, some people like teh generic punk rock "lifestyle" if you call it tat, drinking, getting wasted, being rude, rebelious,offending people and making there own punky clothes ond whatnot, others try to pretend they like it so they can get along with people whom do or so they can have a catagory to fall into

if one tinks about it, most everyone is a poser in some way or another, sacrificing a bit o' there distinctive personality to assimilate into a society where differences arent as broadly accepted as one (myself for example) would like, sometimes this is necisary to accomplish a goal, pay rent for example, cutting ones hair to get a job, (which i'd personally never do), or perhapse listening to a band that everyone else likes as to have something to talk about with them

although just as hypocracy's, whether or not one "is" or "is not" a poser is irrelivant, teh extremity is what is mentionable
so depending on opinion, one might say a poser in a punk rock culture is someone whom just acts/pretends or plays that' they're into the music and generic ideas behind it, but in reality doesn't truelly go for it or like it

perhaps this is just my irrelevant opinion, i dunno
i personally wouldna sae anyone is entirely classifiable into a catagory, i believe a truelly individual person must create their own "Jeet Kune Do" for their selves, like a mixed martial arts but o' life itself
i personally take influences o' people i admire, things i like, and things/ways i want to be ond try tae integrate them into myself somehow

a bit irrelevant i suppose, pardon my rambling and typos
fucking LOL man.. fucking lol ^_^

I dont call myself a punk because im not.. though i do believe in alot of the punk 'ideals', if you will. i wear baggy pants because i got sick of gettin hit on by dudes when i wore skinnies and im much more comfortable n like the way they look better :) i wear tight t-shirts because i cant stand loose ones and again i like the way they feel and look.. i wear Converse All-stars because they're extremely comfortable on my flat-as-a-board feet AND i have a mohawk because i think they're just the awesomest thing and i dye it whatever colour(s) i feel like having.

dont get caught up in all the "o.m.g. how can i be more punk?" bullshit.. thats just lame. do whatever.

ps. that guy who always trolls is such a dick ^_^. peace out...
Strange, I always find it's women who like a guy in skinny jeans or perfectly dressed - not other guys

Still, ultimately, it's not clothes that matter - it's the character you find out about from what they say and do.
skinny jeans hurt my..ehem.."stuff"
i preffer carharts or kilt


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