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I once had a pair of great boots...until about a year ago, when one of the side-zippers split. I've googled how to fix split zips and such, but no method I've found works for these. I'm also not really confident in my ability to put in a new zipper.
Do you think they can be saved? Does anyone just have any suggestions?
Below are the boots, and the split zip.

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I might, if I can find one near me.
Thanks! I hadn't even considered doing anything that didn't involve a zipper, so these might help a lot, and end up looking sweet.
that sucks i hate when fav shoes get ruined! from what i see you could also use velcro
That's true! And I might even have some extra velcro lying around. So many options, now...
find a cobbler, they are masters with boots and shoes, you'd never know it happened
I didn't even know there were still cobblers around... O.o
We have cobblers in a major supermarket chain in Michigan (Meijer). Right in the store....
or rip the zipper out at the seam and sew in a new zipper...
I don't wear boots with zippers. I do have about 30-40 pairs of tall boots, about 3/4 with laces, in various forms from Docs and Rangers to cowboy and motorcycle boots....

I buy laces for the Rangers and Docs online, and laces for the work boots at (gasp) KMart.
Try (a great local Detroit boot store which does a lot of mail order), or (Boots4All). I've purchased boots and laces from both.


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