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are idiots, give me a valid reason to hate hippies and i will withdraw this last statement and apoligise.

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1 i dislike hippys like most ppl dislike emos they tend to be posers who will end up in a suit n tie n reformin to what sociaty sees as aceptible.

but i hav got friends who are hippys as i do emos i mean i will spend practicaly 99% of my time ripping the shite out of them but when i meet sum1 i dont treat any1 differently ill only treat em different if they give me a reason to eg takin a toke on a spliff and not takin it in when ive been generouse to give them spliff maybe they shud man up n mention they dont no how 2 smoke it n ill show them cuz we were all begginers once

and skinheads are in no way racist the first skins were black men of blue beat and ska they listen to oridgonaly black music wear two tone suits and come from poor disadvantaged background like many of the black community at the time if sum1 has even the slightest bit of racism in them they are not a skinhead n never will be there a poser nazi scum who id like to grind into the pavement :)

hav a good day evry1 xxx

Hate is the dark side.
They smell worse than punks.
What about crusties?

After reading the 'punk hygene' thread I am inclined to say hippies probably smell no better than 'punks'. J/K

I don't understand all the hatred towards people who are different from our social set. I mean shit, I get along with my hindu neighbors, my redneck best friend, my punk drinking buddies, my emo step daughter, my very devoted conservative christian father, my black friend I work with, my toddler kids, my old as dirt grandmother and whatever you could throw at me. Becuase I try not to be a douchebag and judge someone based on their 'class' in life. ( old, young, religion, politics, personal taste, looks, style etc etc etc) I don't understand the need to judge people based on how they look, the music they listen to, their political views or whatever reason. Judge a person by their character, judge the individual, stop generalizing. IMO *shrugs*


I have met nice neo nazis. I have been friends with people who hate libs but still like me. I know hippies who are hard working non drug using and listen to metallica. I know people who don't believe in global warming that still recycle. lmfao There is an exception to every stereotype. I think people are taking the easy way out and just hating a group as a whole instead of judging the individuals.

Aye, personally I love most hippies. Even the ones that dont shower.

there isn't much sense in labeling a group when each individual person has different and mixed qualities. we r all mutts i think. u can think like a hippy and not smell bad or look like one. maybe u look like a punk but have a hippy mentality. i grew up with a hippy grandpa and he''s my best friend. my musical influence is anything 60's-90's rock and woodstock hippy stuff included and punk included. im a mixed up person and i think most everybody can't be tied to one group because every personality is different and everyone has different/similiar interests.


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