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Anyone have any super fantastic food recipes or favorite foods that they would like to share?
Or a type of food you could never live without?

I'm a sucker for pineapple pizza and grilled cheese.
I can make english pancakes (or we know them as crepes here) fairly well, but it's not exactly rocket science. Otherwise I don't cook a lot. haha.
So what about you guys?

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That does sound good! :O Now I need some fried beans and buns. :/
i don't cook a lot but i usually grab whatever left over meat there is, i like beef or chicken the best, i tear it up into pieces or cut it up. i throw that in a bowl of rice and then i dig around the fridge for any vegetables, mushrooms and calavasitas (i've no idea what they're called in English i think it's some kind of squash) are my favorites, i cut those up cook them in butter then throw that in the bowl, then i open a can of peas and one of corn and throw that in the mix and last but not least i put some soy sauce on it all. it's really easy to make and very delicious
I'm a lousy cook. But I'm a pretty good baker ^-^ I like making pies, and brownies, and cookies. You know, the unhealthy stuff.
Blueberry pies are my favorite to make. XD
I love curry. So much. My only problem is that it always come out looking insanely nasty. A lot like baby poop, if any of you have ever changed a diaper. Fortunately, it tastes delightful.

I'm also a fan of stiry fry, and I love black bean burgers with hummus. I could eat them all the time.
curry <3 I remember the first time I had it. I was probably 12 and the lady said something along the lines of "You won't like it" ... such a lie! haha
I would rather be shot in the face than live without pepperoni and jalapeno pizza.

This looks so freakin' tasty...
I have a great recipe for crepes, not the actual pancakey part but what to put in them.

So you get your crepes and you put ricotta cheese on them, then you get melted strawberrys (get frozen strawberrys and microwave them until they start melting) and put that on top of the ricotta then you pour a ton of splenda on it and wrap it up like a burrito, then you cover it in sour cream and did in.

It is my all time favorite food. I also like steak, and chicken taco's (chicken, refried beans, and cheese), and spagghetti. I like a lot of food is my point I guess.
Well im a freak of a child and like to get 2 slices of whole wheat bread and some cheese slices, pickles, lettace, and mustard.Then i make a sammich out of it...I have problems...i like vinegar ALOT
I am a sucker for baked goods, but I do enjoy dabbling in the cooking arts. I have a fabulous recipe for banana pineapple muffins and chocolate cupcakes with a melted chocolate center. If I can find my recipe book I shall write it down here. What's also great is that it can be all made vegan. :) for all the vegetarian/vegan lovers there.
I want that banana pineapple muffin recipe! It sounds good - I've tried make banana muffins but I ended up preferring chocolate chip with caramel centre muffins instead.

Fav. thing to make atm is Chocolate Eclairs :O So quick & easy, but very, very tasty - the only tricky bit is getting the chocolate fondue right.
I love kumara (maori word? i think its called a sweet potato) patties and retain a title as the chocolate brownie queen.
Also i make vegetarian curry which i use fake chicken in and filo pastry filled with spinich, feta cheese and red onion. sooo goood.


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