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I got the pictures in the "Attached Files" below.

The first picture is me, I fanned my hair into a tri-fauxhawk with Imperial Leather Soap, waited for it to dry a bit and broke up the 'hawks to cover my whole head.

Problem I had was that my hair is mildly curly at the ends and the individual hair spikes would turn into a question mark shape if I didn't do it just right.

The second picture is what I was going for. I messaged the guy and he just said "hairspray," which doesn't help me a whole lot. 

3rd picture is just about the same as the other 2, you can can kinda see a difference. Would also enjoy doing my hair like this.

Anybody know a better way to do this, products and/or methods?

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Upon some of my extensive research (PHD in googleology and lots of grant money) I have discovered that Murrays pomade seems to be the way to go!

Pomade does seem the best for shorter hair, I heard of people using layrite but I don't know shit about pomade. I have been using Rave hairspray for my mohawk, cheaper and just as good if not better than got2b. Good luck with trying that stuff out, hope it works.

here is a video helper! use got 2 b glued works wonders and stands mine up it's like 8 inches

i have curly hair as well, if you have a flat iron, use that first. it helps as long as your hair isn't too long. the longer mine has gotten the harder it is to keep the ends from curling.

Update: I figured out that if I wash my hair with soap its MUCH easier to spike, at the current length I dont even have to put anything in in for it to turn out like how I used to want it (link)

Hair looks shorter than it really is in this pic, but you get the idea


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