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how did you deal with people making fun of you cause you have a mohawk

When I had mine a couple months back igot made fun of at school cause I had one so I cut it off which was the worst thing I did. I was afraid of being made fun of if I spiked it up. I'm going to get one again for my bday next month so how to I deal with this

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If your afraid then pretty much you shouldn't do it. You have to have the balls to tell them to fuck off.

You can try wearing a cap, but you can't hide behind that forever and the teachers at school probably won't like it either.

The mohawk is meant to provoke a reaction. If people are jocks, then you can expect to be made fun of and be made the laughing stock... survival is pushing through that because its what ya wanna be.

Either that are rock yer band shirts etc and forget the hair. You will still have the music if ya wanna be punk. Once you leave school or finish up, adults give each other less shit. Take it from me, i'm 26 :)

Cutting off a hawk leaving a buzz cut can still look pretty tuff. Not far from skin! Try that with wearin docs, jeans etc. 

When the hawks were cut off the Arche punks they unknowingly turned em into skins hahah. The Restarts put it very well...

Tell them to go eat a dick. 

And laugh at them, for they are the immature ones wasting their time trying to get a reaction out of you.

Guys mess with me about having a mohawk in my welding class all the time, best thing to do is just laugh and agree. But do not let it affect you.

Honestly why worry what other people think. Are you happy with your appearance with a Mohawk? It is nothing to be ashamed of it is your personal style and if they don't like it it's there problem. Just like you are entitled to have a Mohawk they are entitled to an opinion.

back in school i was honestly the only kid who had hair half way down my back. people would say i look like a girl, id be like  "thats cool bro, ready to fuck? Cause i will fuck you so hard" haha yeah its pretty much the same. do it cause you love it. hair styles are their for you to make you feel comfy with your self and to express your self. 

when i did a mohawk it was "oh you look like a cancer patient" same thing again, so yet again just tell them dont look if you dont like it. 

if youre a punk, then like the others have said. its all about the music not just the style. cause i know quite a few punks that cant have the hair style they want because they work a job that wants you to be clean cut. but they still have the music and thats what you cant take away no matter what hair style you have. 

so cheers to you. just say fuck it and do the mohawk. enjoy it cause its fun to have it actually. the attention can be fun for the most part. its cool when you have a foot tall mohawk and people always come to ask stupid questions of how you get it to stand up. i love every bit of it

heyy dude..u gotta be proud of ya self..DONT GIVE ANY SHITT on people round.just ignore them.they r just being plain dumb n jealous cause u got something special n they dont.SO KEEP YA HEAD HIGH N ROCK IT MAN.

I FACE TIS SHITT EVERYDAY of my life in uni.i care 2 fucks bout them.they make fun of me,stares n talk bout,call me freak..i just walk past em..sometimes stares back.but guess gona be a pre-school teacher soon,i am proud of ma self.n i care less bout others.



just dont give a fuck lol

Well first thing to remember is that, you are you and other people are other people.

Like others have said just be your own person and dont live your life afraid of what other people think or say. If people "make fun of you" they probably are just secretly insecure about themselves and they aren't worth your time.


Another thing is that, if you think about it, it's like a culture shock when a bunch of "normal" jock/preps are sitting there and then all of a sudden someone with a mohawk walks into the room. They're gonna crack some jokes at first because it's new and you're the only one. After a few weeks the "newness" wares off and people dont really care anymore for the most part. It will probably be like that every time you change your hair

If you cut your mohawk off because of someone else, you're letting them win and you're never gonna be happy living your own life around what other people think. Just hold your head high, be proud and let it roll off your back. 

I dont really care if somebody stare or laugh at me.. you know 'You laugh at me, because I'm different, I laugh at you, because you are all the same.' 
I never want to leave my hawk, my piercings, my clothes or anything, because this is me, I cant be anyone else (and I also dont want to be an another person)

People are stupid, you dont need to care about them.. be yourself.

I do agree with a majority of what's being reiterated here: mohawks draw attention, if you're not wanting attention, good or bad, you may want to reconsider getting one.

Usually, when I got made fun of, or was called names, I'd roll with it.

- What happened to you, get in a fight with a lawn mower?  Yeah, I did, and I fucking won.

- Halloween's over you know.   Really?  Why are you still in costume then?

- Why would you even do that to yourself?  I enjoy my style, and I think it really shows off my face.  Why wouldn't I?

- You would be so pretty with long hair.   I'm still pretty; you'd be very smart if you kept your mouth shut.

I have to say though, for every one insult or put down I got, I got at least a dozen or so compliments.  People that used to be "punk in their day" would immediately want to start talking bands.  Random strangers would compliment the colour.  Sometimes people even ask to take a picture with them.  One time, I even had a suit come up and give me a high five, telling me he wished he could say "fuck you" to the system: he was a punk inside despite being business professional.  My best experience involved both an insult and a compliment at the same time: a young boy came into the store I worked at and gave me a look, and he up and asked, "What's wrong with your hair?  You look like a boy."  His mother LITERALLY whapped him upside the head and said, "THAT is called individuality, and you WILL respect it!"  She then looked at me and said, "That is awesome."

If you have the confidence to rock a 'hawk, do it.  The bad comes with the good, but the good is always going to happen ten times more often.  Just be yourself and everything will sort itself out.


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