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What products do u use?

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Bed head hard head hairspray.
ya know axe hair gel does decent for short hawks. my cousin got one to be like me and i spike his up with it.

When I had a short hawk (<3 Inches) Brylcreem looked best, dunno if its in the US

Just realised that looked like a heart when I put <3 haha, I meant under 3 Inches
I back comb the hell out of mine then use any cheap strong hold hair spray. I use to use the Got 2 B Glued but the price went up....thankfully I haven't ran out of it yet (mainly since I hardly put mine up)

Schwarzkpopf  Got2Be Glued Freeze Spray (it's a tall, yellow can) and Schwarzkopf Got2Be Sexy Collagen Lift Effect Spray (a tall, red can).

I use the red can on my hair and push it up to get initial lift and an even spacing for the fan, then hold it up with a comb, spray on the yellow can and blowdry it until it's hard. I do that every Monday morning and then sleep on my side to have it last all week with only minor touch-ups needed.

I'd warn against straightening after hairspray though, it can destroy your hair and ruin your straighteners (as I learnt the hard way).
I've only used gorilla glu an that don't wrk at all so I let it hang. But yea ill check into the others


blowdry, comb, spray got2be glued, comb, blowdry, comb again

then I repeat several times until I've got the hold I want and the look I'm going for

given enough hairspray, you can get the hold you're looking for, but after a point it gets more difficult to get the "dry fluffy" kind of look I'm usually trying for.  the main thing is just practice, practice, practice until you figure out a system that works for you.

soap and hot water
my mrs has big ass liberty spikes like 9-10 inches tall and got 2 b freeze spray worked a treat and it even stayed up in the rain tooo
Yeah I just cycled 8 miles in the wind & rain only used freeze spray on a 7Inch Fan and it's completely unharmed!! haha that stuff really is the buisness


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