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for a hand-painted, hand studded punk leather jacket, completely custom to your tastes?

i'm out of a job, my mom is out of a job, and my dad may be losing his job soon too.
i need a way to make money, and people kept wondering how much i'd charge them to make a custom leather jacket, and i don't want to be rediculous about pricing, but at the same time someone offered me a thousand bucks for one and i kinda want to keep that in mind. i mean obviously it's going to be a higher price if i had to go out and buy the jacket, but all designs and band logos would be hand painted on. i've got one serious person that wants me to make them a leather, how much should i charge them?

and if i charge based on amount of work, it would probably be around two months before they got their jacket, even working several hours a day

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i would never pay personally, excuse is see it as a personal thing, but i see what your saying, if i gave you the jacket i would pay upwards to 500 if i really wanted it done and you do a good job.
if you were to buy the jacket and it was a nice style and a good fit, i would pay upwards to 800.

im also guessing its a fully decked out jacket, full colors and fulls studs, not like 5-10 logos and a handful of studs. you can make some money out of it if people like them enough and have enough money.
leathers are hand done by the wearer like i did mine
but you always get the perfectionists lol
yeah, i'm aware that most people would choose the diy route and do it themselves, and i know that i myself wouldn't be caught in a jacket made by someone else. but my situation's a little desperate, and i'm doing what i can.
and thanks guys, you helped me a lot : ]
sadly i don't know how to screenprint, though it's been something i'm kinda interested in
HedgeTV on youtube. i swear by that guy. 'bout the price of supplies, then labor per hour, and politely hint about getting a tip? my leather jacket didn't even cost $100 and it was brand new, so i can't imagine spending over that let alone paying someone else to do it (no offense)..... idk, i'm really all about the d.i.y thing, but i definetly understand the money thing-u gotta do what ya gotta do. :)
Personally I do things like that for my friends (ALL THE TIME) for free. We just kinda take care of each other. Its get repaid to me eventually. Just not in the form of money. The other many people do you know who want custom leather jackets (in August) and want to pay a whole lot for them? Right now I can only think of 1 person I know who would be able to pay $100 and would want one...but maybe that's just my friends.
Are you making the actual jacket itself and then custominzing it? Or will your client give you a jacket for you to work on? Definitely take that into consideration. I sew and my hourly rate is $12/hr.; sometimes less for small jobs like replacing zippers, hemming, etc and sometimes more for leather construction and more involved work like replacing a coat lining or retro-fitting an item where I have to open it up and work on the inside. With you hand-painting everything and then individually applying all your studs, that will take some time and of course, your expertise... I could see someone paying anywhere between $150-$400 (if they gave you the jacket to work on), $400-600 or more if you have to buy the jacket to do the work. It really depends on your client and what they are willing to pay. $1000 is incredible, I'd have been all over that!!! Good luck and sorry to hear of of all the jobs lost.
yeah i'd have to buy the leather jacket or they'd supply me with one, thanks for the advice though, you've certainly got more expertise on the subject than i do :]
it should depend on the jacket.. youd have to add together the cost of supplies and then add on a profit..
take a look at and see if you can find any other people have made, that might help give you an idea..
etsy rawks! my store name is machelle (shameless plug)
Sometimes I consider asking artists to do cd covers for me and more complex drawings that I cannot for the life of me do. But I would never ask a artist to do the whole thing, and the artists that I would ask would be people who I feel like add even more individuality to it in that I know and love them and they are in a way a part of my being. If I were you I'd go with being paid for individual ones, and maybe also have a entire jacket discount price. I'd charge by how difficult and large the painting is but in general 10-30 per painting or stud set. And 500-1000 for a entire jacket.

Good luck to you, I really hope this works out.


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