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they are sooo comfortable but i cant tell if theyre too scene and if they would go with all the patched up jeans and jackets i have...

some input and opinions would be great.

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haha neverrrrrrrrrrrr
don't buy anything from hot topic. besides, isn't hot topic like the scenster version of abercrombie? just a thought.
I buy all mah clothes from hot topic.. actully i dont , but those shoes are pretty cool , if you like them get them . all that matters.
*head desk*
I don't think they are too scene. I would say get them.
Do YOU like them? then get 'em.who cares if they are "scene" or not.
they do look like pretty cool shoes,
they are kinda "scene" but they have a twist and i dont think youd see many people wearing them.
but if you like them why not get them,
who cares what people think
does it really matter?
the shoes are fine but i think it's way more "scene" to not get something you like just because of sterotypes
ask yourself why you were thinking of buying them , did they look good to you , they obviously felt good to put on as you said they were comfortable , if you like them then to hell with what others think there your feet , make sure you buy for the right reason .
I personally wouldn't buy them, but I hate buying anything from Hot Topic.. Like.. I have a story now.. So I have these dope ass skinny jeans that are hot pink cheetah print. Apparently they sell them at Hot Topic, but I got mine at Trash and Vaudeville in NYC. I've been wearing them to school like 1 or 2 times a week every week for the past.. 11 weeks.

Some little scene ass fucking emo bitch came into school on Tuesday with them. So I confronted her about it, and she was like.. I saw you wearing them and it made me want to get them. So I yelled at her. I told her if she didn't destroy those pants that I would come to her house and slit her throat.

Later that day I was telling my bf about it, and he was like.. it's gay, but calm down, they sell them at Hot Topic, nothing you can do, if you want to be original make shit yourself. Which is easier said then done. I ruined a perfectly good Ramones shirt trying to sew it into a form fitting shirt.. because men's shirts make me feel manly.

Personally, I don't like the shoes. They remind me of gangster shoes and shit. But if it makes you happy then do it. Who cares what other people think.
I'd take that as flattery - it says she liked your taste in jeans - or the designers taste who made them. Doesn't take away from you being you - 'cause you are more than just your look.

They'll be loads of folk buying them and wearing them, that you'll never see that might or might not be inspired by you wearing them. The more they do, the more likely designers will make more stuff like that - which ultimately suits your likes - possibly.

But yeah, if it's vital to feel unique, you'll have to follow your bf's advice. Ultimately, you'll probably feel really pleased when you achieve the garments you like. Add chains, wear them with a cool belt - make them feel yours again.

I wouldn't want to take away someone else's pleasure in copying something about my dress or look. They'll never look or be me anyway, but they might give me ideas with what they come up with, just by seeing them explore the look I like too. If she had the same hair, top and shoes as well, then yeah, then it's getting a bit much - but just the same jeans, I wouldn't get worked up about it.


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