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i think i have the right idea down but i'd like to see more experienced ppls input.. as you can see mine is not too long so it wont be too hard but my buddies is a helluva lot longer so i need to know how we can fan-it-up..

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get a fine tooth comb, the closer the better(I FIND)
simply take a section of hair;
-hold tight, kinda bring your scalp up.
-dry with hair dryer.
-next section.

i usually do over a section with the comb(combing upwards) a few times to get any hairs that got stuck apart. try and start as close to the root as possible. don't do this too much, it will end up making more hairs stick together giving you a more gappy look at he top. after a few times youll get the hang of it and know when to top.

also, as said before in another topic "less is more" use as little as possible, his will keep your hairs,once again, stop sticking together so much :P.
I usually put the back up using a comb. The back is only about one section of hair, so it goes up quickly, and then I flip my head forward and put the rest up with gravity. I just smooth it out between my palms, and viola, it is fanned. I usually wear mine more as a 270 then a traditional fan, though, so it might not work as well for what you are trying to accomplish.
i was going to make a fanning tutorial video but i no longer have a mohawk! i will try to use a model for it
Your spikes look a bit dodgy in the last pic too, what are you using?
dodgy? i use got2b the glue and freeze spray.. on my friends, the longer one, we used glue then sprayed it thats why it looks shitty but now use only spray then coat with glue it looks ten times better that way.. in the picture of mine we use the glue then the spray because its hard to hold up to spray as short as it is. but we started using the spray then glue recently it seems to work a little better its still kinda short though.. the new picture link is the first time tryin spray then glue.. its sloppy as hell really but its obvious where i need to work on it
Personally this is how i do it:
1. Wash your hair, make sure u get all that grease and stuffs out
2. Dry it off.
3. Take a comb and start combing ur mohawk upish so its all frizzy dry and stuff
4. Use got2b and spray a section.
5.Blowdry it.
6. Smooth it out with 2 hands
7. next section.
This is how I do my hair:

Wash it (shampoo)
Condition it well
Towel dry
Blow dry (completely dry) (normally pulling it into a rough kinda fan with a comb as I do it).

Keep combing until there a no knots
Brush it until it's kinda fluffy

Start at the crown of your head (important, as this is often the worst looking bit, and this will stop the back looking empty).
Pull hair up with a comb, spray with hairspray (I use the got2b, anything really). Repeat.

Touch it up by pulling sections into place and blasting it with more hairspray.

If needed (like if you're going to have it for a few days) coat with got2b hair glue. (it also kinda waterproofs it, I've dunked my head in the bath for 5 whole mins afer coatin my hair every day for 5 days in the stuff and my liberty spikes still stood up, it is a bitch to get out, lol.)


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