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I have a single hawk and i 've seen a kind of bihawk or trihawk(i don't know what's its name) i ve seen it on some pictures and only once on a guy...
I mean the second hawk of the guy on that photo( ),sitting on the camden with the blone-green hawk next to the beer...
It's like a trihawk but there isn't a third hawk (on left or on right of the head).
I want to ask:
Has any of you have one?
Can you tell me some tips to do it?
Is it easy on shaving?(i shave my head alone)
What is its real name?

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Bihawk: Two mohawks on each side of the head.

Trihawk: Mohawk in the middle with two on the sides of the head. Often the side mohawks are smaller.

I have not done one myself, here is another forum post about it. I know there are several members on here that have rocked both types.

bihawk hairstyle
I've seen other trihawks where the side is still shaved too. I know one of the members has a really great looking one, but can't seem to find his pictures now.

Oh the members above are punkymike and ilyssa.
I think you haven't understd what i the photo that i posted is a guy with a big mohawk in the center of his head and a little mohawk on the left side of his head... it s neither trihawk nor bihawk...:S
Yeah, there is a member on here with that look, just couldn't find his picture. If you mean just two fans, with one big and one small, I guess that'd be something new. In your picture, I assumed he had a matching small fan on the other side. I guess if there were just two with a smaller one that'd kind of be like the "mohawk-and-a-half" cut. Definitely would be something new to me.

It's not excactly what i mean,but just to give you a taste:p
I had found a guy with o brown hawk with that style but i can't find him now.You must say the same person...
i believe that is called a drunk hawk, and yes there is a member sporting one
bi = 2

tri = 3

like: bi-cycle or bicycle has 2 wheels and a tri-cycle or tricycle has 3 wheels.. or a triangle has 3 sides (actually 3 angles/corners)

The bihawk has 2 fans and the trihawk has.. you guessed it.. 3

The placement of the fans along your head dont make any difference in the title of the hairstyle... the only thing i've noticed is that with bihawks they're usually both the same height, but with trihawks i've seen them all the same height sometimes but usually the middle one is longer.

Mohawks are easy to cut... but if you dont know someone who is confident in their ability to cut and manage hair.. I would go to a hairdresser of somekind... even the cheap 10 dollar places should be able to do it.

Once the hair is shaved in all the right places it's not very hard to follow the lines and touch it up yourself.
yeah those are just side-hawks. i got a tri hawk but have fucked up shaving the sides many time and have had to regrow them alot. they take a diferent apporach to spiking them and make sleeping a bitch. but ive had mine for 4 years now so i m used to the akwardness.
It looks to be a tri-hawk, just that the two complimentary hawks are very short, and closer together.
It seems pretty rad.
i think you got all the info you need on the whole whats a bihawk and whats a trihawk thing now but there is a few existing threads on bihawks if you want to read them. heres the links:
I 've already read those posts but the hawk i mean its neither tri- or bihawk.
Mark had answered to me about what it is,i just want some tips if someone knows how to do it:p
the kid your talking about in the picture has a trihawk, you just cant see the other side (as said) and in the first thread i have stated how to do that exact cut... i had my hair like that before i cut it into a bihawk.

"it started with my first mohawk, which was..massive. i let my sides grow out 2-3 inches and then when my friends shaved my head they left two small hawks on either side of my original hawk (so i had a half assed tri hawk for like a week) then after that we hacked my original hawk cause it was in bad shape and i was left with a baby bihawk that grew to be mighty awesome :P"

the bold would be how to do it.. if you are convinced its not a trihawk and that its a non-traditional bihawk you would still do the exact same thing to get your hair like that except you would only leave one small hawk on the sides...


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