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If MR were to have a live event/convention, what would you like to have happen at it?

If a mohawk themed event/convention were to be held, probably in LA, NYC or Atlanta, what would you like to do and see at it? Entertainment, food, socializing, demonstrations and haircutting, guest speaker, visit to a particular club or restaurant, do Six Flags en masse or just plain hang-out together for the day at popular local location????

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id want crass playing and have everyone on this website ther:D

and id have pie and ummm taco's and uhhhhhh a magic bowl that fills with hard liker:|
is HAS been discussed, it would be difficult to transport everyone as a majority of the members on this site are punks with no money, there for if there was a meetup (similar to the youtube "as one gathering" it would need to be small, relatively local events.
I wasn't aware of a prior discussion, but I'm not surprised. Did anything come of that?

I agree that that maybe the meetings would be small (25 persons?) local events. I know money and transportation is a problem to some. This is why there should be enough persons in or near the major city to host an event. Although I have mentioned LA and NYC because of large populations, a meeting can be held anywhere that people want to get together. Needs a local organizer that is a ball of fire in Denver, Sydney, London or Atlanta.

The basic question is what to have happening? What would you like to do at such a meeting? And thoughts on what type of location? GH
not much came of it no, but id say if there was one held yearly in every major city in every country, organised by locals it would be an excellent thing
my suggestion would be to do one in a few major states Denver (hint hint) for one
I don't know anyone else that lives in New York.. Surprisingly.. =\


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