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I'm not straight-edge, I just don't drink or get high.

I live sober.  I haven't always, but right now I do.  I don't put mind-altering chemicals into my body.  I'm not straight-edge, I'm not big into the hardcore movement, I don't make a statement out of abstinence.  I merely find that I have more friends left in the morning if I don't drink.  

So I'm at a gig or I'm in a pub or wherever, and I'll be offered a drink.  
I say "thanks, but I don't drink".  
If I'm punked-up, the first response will usually be "ah right, straight-edge, hardcore!" 
I'll say "no, I just prefer orange juice".  
"Go on, have a pint then, it won't hurt you!"
"I appreciate the offer, but I don't drink".
"You've never had alcohol?  Ever?"
"I have in the past, but I don't want one now".
"Look, if you want me to fuck off, just don't be rude about it".
"No, it's not that.  I'm a recovering alcoholic, I don't want a drink".
"Oh shit, sorry".

Does it really need to go that far?  I mean seriously!  Does anyone else have this issue of people being weird and pushy about alcohol or drugs?  

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yea i understand
good luck to you and i understand the whole pride thing. i would probably do the same myself, if it were anything at all i would do it myself too.
idk whenever i drink affterwards i feel really weird and i feel like i need fresh air and to cleans my body. and i know working out really helps. maybe you could try? or even going on a walk, i love walking, i walk everywhere
i mean i dont have the drinking problem but i do have the same problem with my old friends with drugs, ive done alot and now that im sober of all that BS its like i got to explain my self to everyone to why you dont wanna get fucked up anymore and plus you find out who your true friends are i cant tell you how many ppl ive lost in my life bc i dont get high anymore...its sad really...but im a better person for it and so are you!
I drink (and do some drugs) but if I'm offering someone either and they refuse, I'm not going to be pushy, if they say "I don't drink" then, if anything, I'd use that as a way to start up a conversation.
Orange Juice still kicks arse.
damn right it does!! nom nom nom
i dont drink, smoke, or do drugs and growing up ive constantly been nagged and pushed to do things i dont want (particularly alcohol). family, friends, strangers, it seems like everyone wants me to drink and very very few respect my choice not to. so far, i dont feel like its ever going to change, like its something im going to have to fight for for the rest of my life but..oh well, thats what ill be doing then. *shrugs*
I'm 40 years old and I still don't drink. My mother was killed by a drunk driver some years back. To this day I don't drink, and i get shit for it. So people seem to think it's funny when they proceed to tell me stories of how they drove drunk home the night before, and how they almost took out a mailbox or whatever on their way. They of course know that my mother was killed by someone just like them, but they continue with their little story.

So I usually let 'em have it, and it's hard sometimes to bite my tongue and not say shit like "well, I hope your mother gets killed by a drunk driver too then!". I of course don't mean it, who in their right mind would?! But to make them STFU they put me in the position of tongue lashing 'em until they finally do STFU.

Not only do you NOT have to drink, you have the fuckin' freedom to NOT have to explain why you do not drink as well.

I don't do drugs either, but don't care if others do. As long as it doesn't bother me and you don't impose it on me, go fry your brain.

Now I have a personal issue with straight edgers. When I grew up in the 80's, admitting that you were part of some retarded little club of whining pussies who called themselves "straight edge" would land you a beat down. Always. Don't do what you abhor. A subculture community is not necessary. Don't like having sex? Stay celibate them, dipshit. I have a passionate hatred for dogs. I should seek out other likeminded punk dog haters and start a scene too! See how stupid straight edge is?
props to you.
mad props to you.
cept the dog part ={
I don't hate dogs as in "I'm going to kick me a dog!". We just had 8 bull Mastiffs in our home as a kid, and I've just had bad experiences with 'em. I just won't own a dog, guess I should rephrase that.
lol oh well then that makes sense
sorry to hear that
they can be quite the friend
bull mastiffs *love* im jealous..


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