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Silly game. The rules are you name the song you're currently listening to and finish with in my pants. The results are usually worth a laugh. So:

Sleep now in the fire in my pants. (RATM)

Now you...

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Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies in my pants.  [Biffy Clyro]
Mommy's Little Monster in my pants!
I know some fool that slept in the same bed with his nasty fatass mom for 17 years. My dad says they probably boned.

That is a perfect song for this...and ^ that is just disturbing...

she in my pants (?)
Backstabber in my pants.

Feel so numb -in my pants ....Rob Zombie

I'm a wanker - in my pants ....Ivor Biggun

Bled for days - in my pants ....Static x

Wild is the wind - in my pants ....Bowie

Silly thing - in my pants ..Sex Pistols

Babe i'm on fire - in my pants ...Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Transvestite - in my pants ...Peter and the Test Tube Babies

The devil made me do it - in my pants ....Murderdolls

Orgasm addict - in my pants ...Buzzcocks

Blood is thicker than water -in my pants ...BLS

Uhh wee - in my pants .....Natasja

Drain the blood - in my pants....Distillers


these are some of the best hahaha

Heavyweight in my pants!


stupid over you in my pants xD (screeching weasel)

handshake meets pokerface in my pants

7 days battle... in my pants

i constantly thank god for Esteban in my pants

portrait of a cigarette smoker at age 19 in my pant


Pet Shop Boys "It's A Sin In My Pants"


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