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Silly game. The rules are you name the song you're currently listening to and finish with in my pants. The results are usually worth a laugh. So:

Sleep now in the fire in my pants. (RATM)

Now you...

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Courtesy of my sister having the music up too loud:

Try this in my pants! (Pink)
Beat it upright... in my pants. I can't decide which is worse: the nature and lyrics of the song, or how it sounds with "in my pants."
any cannibal corpse song.
shredded humans in my pants
orgasm through torture in my pants lol
False hope in my pants (The Unseen)
Vicarious in my pants.
priests of sodom in my pants
'Love me tender, in my pants' - how well does that work hehe
lol Thrash unreal in my pants ..
Let's do it in my pants


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