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Ive come back! lol. Need some suggestions on other punk styles

Been A while since Ive been back here. Great to see how the place has grown. Anyway, because of some issues I had to cut of my mohawk :( I know its tragic lol. Anyway, I get bored with the same old buzz cut every couple of weeks. I do it myself btw. Anyway, I want a cool hairstyle thats a bit punk looking, and I can do it myself fairly easily.

I did have one idea. I saw this one guy with, what looked like a high and tight, but it was kinda messy and spiked on the top. I liked this. I also like how the lead singer of blue october had his hair if ya wanna google it. anyway, if you can tell me how to cut it (blue october one) or have other suggestions for my cut plz tell me. Also, it has to be work appropriate, or to the point where I can put it down or something for work.

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Just dye and spike your hair, be original man.
That's exactly what I was thinking too as far as the blue october style. Though, maybe you should just use your imagination and create your own style instead. :)


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