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Fuck the US.

Canada has:

Free healthcare
Attractive, charming men with manners
And they're all very polite, lovely people.

England comes in at a very close second, but I'm moving to Canada. Lol

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half my familys from canada.. i always wanted to at least visit
well. we love you back!
=) That's what the Canadians said.
You might be slightly disappointed if you move to Canada thinking everyone is friendly and polite there. They're not really much different from Americans (not including the french canadians) it's not like you cross the boarder and there's a sudden paradigm shift.
Really the only differences are they're more liberal, they say eh and aboot, have stronger beer, and milk comes in bags. They also use beaver pelts as their main form of currency.

But yeah, I'd like to move to Canada as well. Can't decide between either Vancouver or Toronto though...
bags? o_O that's crazy.
JUST MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as herb said, youll find a lot of rude people, but you find rude people everywhere, and thous french *shakes fist* well lets put it this way : we make laws in there favor, give them money, make them one of the biggest provinces on dicistion making, and they still wanna separate.

i do love them though, my dads a frenhcie. and im a habs fan until i die lol.

and herb i would kill to visit BC. iv ALWAYS wanted to go :(

I remember the puzzlement of milk in bags when they tried them here for a few years. Of course, it would have to be when I was in primary school aged 5 or 6.

How on Earth, did they expect young children to cope with poking straws into a squiggy plastic bag of milk to drink at lunch?! So, I'm against milk in bags - luckily, the experiment failed and we went to cartons.
if your poor
i have the slightest memory of milk in a bag.
and from that tiny memory it actually doesn't seem that crazy.
Hahahaha. It makes sense to me. LOL. but i guess it's 'cause i've been brought up on it, and we don't buy milk in anything else. you get so much more in the bags than in a carton


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