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I wanna get started on my jacket but I'm completely lost.
I see entire sleeves colored differently, is the whole sleeve painted?
I've seen nails in a jacket, how the hell does that work?
How do you put in screw on studs/spikes?
Acrylic paint?
Does spray paint work when you're using stencils and how long will it stay?

Feel free to post pictures of your jacket(s).

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There are a TON of forums with answers to those questions but I'll try to help as much as I can.
I'm not sure what you mean about the first "sleeve paint" question. So I'm going to skip that for now.

Nails in a jacket may work, but it could be tricky. Depending on the fabric and length of the nail will determine the hold. A thicker fabric would be best and I'd assume a shorter nail. But you have to remember that there will always be a big hole in your jacket if you take them out of they fall out/ don't hold. A more frequently used approach are studs. They have a wider base and are made to hold in fabric.

There are tons of way to put in studs. You will hear that darts(you'll prolly get Seg. posting a comment about darts too, he's a fanatic) work reallllyyy well for poking holes in fabric to place a stud in. Ive found that with thinner fabric and sharper ended studs that it will go right through with a but of muscle. And the end of a butter knife to push the prongs down help so your fingers don't get so sore.

Acrylic paint is killer on fabric. It is wax based so once you put it in it doesn't come out. Stencils are used a lot also. (I think thats the sites name still- of not google will get you there) They have a great how-to guide and tons of stencils.

Ive never used spray paint so I can't quite say... my presumption is that spray pint will work best on canvas that doesn't get washed that much/at all. I also get the feeling that it will crack/chip and fade a lot.

And once again really just type in "jacket" and you'll find tons of threads and pictures of jacket here ( they are killer! )

Hope this helps a bit.
Seems like DIY & paint is popular tonight =) Though, isn't modern acrylic paint water-based polymer plastic? :/
There are spray paints designed to work on fabric. Just look up stencil spray paint.
ok thanks man


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