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Looking into taking some type of martial arts, for many reasons. brazilian jiu jitsu stands out to me since it teaches ways to undermine your opponent's weight/size advantages. That's great since I can scrap with people my own size (5'10 150lbs), but I start runnin' into walls when people can just fall over me. I don't look for fights, but I'm also not one to idly sit by while disrespect rains down on myself or friends. There's also a dojo nearby that has a solid reputation.
Anyone have any experience, and could answer some questions? Namely, is it practical? Can you insure the diffusion of a situation without having to break someone's elbow? Could training replace work outs (I find weight lifting to be very monotonous)?

'preciate any replies.

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Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Krav Maga.
i did judo for 9 years.
BJJ is a LOT like judo.
anyways, using your opponents weight to your advantage is actually HUGE. its helped me a ton i know that much.

is it practical?not so much the running around and trying to put people in holds and such, thats not really practical, however the muscle memory and being able to think PROPERLY in a fight and use all of your strength, and in some cases there strength against them. also being bale to take a hit and being disciplined(and im serious lol) the arm locks and chokes do help a LOT though, being able to do them properly and knowing how to set them up is a huge advantage cuz most fights wont last very long and you wont get very hurt.

Can you insure the diffusion of a situation without having to break someone's elbow?it really depends on how stubborn the guy your fighting is. iv never broken someones elbow but when im in the position or with a choke, i slowly put pressure and simply ask if its gonna stop if i get up right now, i haven't had anyone try and get out of it. so i use the chokes/arm locks to calm people down, and give them a second to think. never had someone get up and try fighting again, but i can see it happening, where its kinda of a faith thing, if you trust the guy your fighting.

Could training replace work outs?simple answer, yes.
it all depends on how hard your working though, if your going for brut strength or more of a strength/stamina. any martial art workout is hard as hell. but going once a week isn't going to replace your 3 days at the gym. i would say try and amke 2 practices a week and maby a day or 2 at the gym, would help a lot more. but if you want you can just stop the gym and see if the martial arts workout is doing it for you, most places it will but iv been to some practices where i haven't broke a sweat.

if i were you i would defiantly check out the dojo, ask if there are any trial lessons, go once or twice see if you like it. and then go for a few weeks, AND THEN deiced if you wanna buy a gi. iv seen a lot of people go ahead and buy one there 2nd practice and quit a week later, u don't wanna waste that money. dont let the sensie try and push you into buying one, simply tell them your not sure yet.
Judo is useful, and pretty practical.
but not a run off the mill, get your black belt in 2 weeks dojo.
right on. seems like choosing a good trainer is more important than the art. Going to check this place out next chance I get. Place is called joslin's mma in hamilton, in case anyone lives in the area and has heard of it.
wow didn't know you were around Toronto haha.
i did judo for most of my time in North york, and did some in ajax, if my mind serves me right i trained at a place in hamalton also, but that was a LONG time ago.

best of luck tho man, just go in there ready to learn and ready for a work out :P
buy a gun , works every time :) if you don't want to go to that extreme then try MMA , if you can't take a hit then your fucked , someone will always get a lucky hit in during a scrap , so learn to take it and give it back , even royce gracie surcumbed to a ground and pounder , all this means shit of course if your a pussie with no heart :)
life just doesn't feel balanced unless my body is gettin the shit kicked out of it through work, sports, whatever. fallin' asleep sore as hell just means it was a productive day lol


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