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 I'm getting another hawk this summer. I'm aiming for it to be around 5 inches. I really enjoy running, so I'd need to put it up. I have no idea how to successfully keep the hair out of my eyes. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I just use hair pins and sometimes a headband to keep my fringe/bangs out of my eyes. Nothing amazing to look at really though. Sometimes I pin the whole lot up into curls and use a clip-on flower to swing it up and away.

You could tie it in a top knot or a bun

I've done a bandana many a time when playing basketball or other sports when it wasn't long enough to tie up.  


It might look silly but you could do 3-4 tiny little rubber bands and tie it up pony tail mohawk style too.


Finally, a hat, or maybe even like one of those skully caps you see football players wearing might work out ok.  I don't like hats, but have never tried the skully things. 


Good luck with your running.

 Thanks! I'll try that bandanna idea. It seems like it's work really well. My hair is pretty thin, so everything else just slips out.

...Not helpful.. :/

I have thin hair as well. i have also had this problem. I do use bandanas or beanies/baseball hats. Headbands should do a good job as well. Pony hawks are good too. 

Bobbypins. Take the front of your hawk (or your bangs/fringe, whatever you might have in your face) comb them straight up, twist the ends and pin back into your hawk. You can either pull them all the way back for a sleek look or let them have a little puff to them for a mini pomp look. Use two bobbypins (one going each way and interlocking) for a stronger hold.


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