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This is his story and what happened is all in this pic. I read up on the person that killed him, he was paroled this year. I'm willing to bet if he hadn't been killed we would love this site and everything it has to offer. This is bullshit why is his killer not serving life right now dose anyone know where Dustin Camp is today.

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It was an awful thing to happen. I still don't reckon its worth fighting numbskull jocks who will never understand anything that is classed as alternative or outside their traditional conservative bubble. I don't think pride is much use if your dead.
no it's not but it dose suck to be killed for being different
I duno, I have pretty strong pride myself. I've often done something I know is not going to end well purely for pride.
every time i read this article it pisses me of. that kid didnt deserve to die. at all.
True he didn't deserve it and it sucks that asshole is walking free right now
The fact that this asshole killed a kid purely based on his appearance really pisses me off. The fact that he effectively got no sentence for murder makes me want to kill the fucker.
easy man if you do you more than likely get a longer sentence then that asshole
It wouldn't be worth an 8 hour flight. ;)

Can the family not ask for a retrial or something, with a current day jury?
worth it yeah and i don't think they can get a retrial i think that's called double jeopardy cause they already sentenced him and now that fucker is out on parole i would love to see him get hit by a bus
There must be some circumstance because that's total bullshit.

Any judge or rational jury these days would surely not see a kid being killed in such a violent and hateful way as being punished less than someone who sold weed to people?

Also, from wikipedia: In September 2001, Dustin Camp received an eight-year prison sentence for violating his parole terms. But I guess that means he's out now
i agrea. if some punk kills a jock wed be in more trouble. even in that arcticle the deffence was making us out to look bad. its unfair
Dustin camp is currently out of jail, but barely lives a life least it's a life hey guys?
This whole thing is wrong, i am going to get a memorial tattoo about this, and have already started a community group, that is devoted to stopping violence of this kind, specifically at and around local shows.
People need to get off their asses and stop this shit.


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