Mohawks Rock

that there is all this talk about chicks with mohawks

what about the guys they desirve some credit too

guys with hawks r FUCKING HOT


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I broke up with my ex because she thought that it was childish.. It sucked, but suprisingly it didn't take me long to find somebody new.

I guess its a 50/50 attracton? with most girls. Though with a lot of girls I get "I've never dated a guy with a mohawk" or "I've never made out with a guy with a mohawk".
What?!?! She broke up with you because of your 'hawk?!! What a dumb bitch!! No offense to you if you two are still cool.
I have girls play with my hair all the time when its up. Its a great Ice breaker. Unfortunately, only girls that really get enthralled with my 'hawk are 14-16 year olds. Yeah about ten years too young.
I've been getting drunk/drugged out black women talking to me recently.

A few weeks ago, a drunk black woman in her late 20s started to get to get overly touchy, said nice mohawk, and then proceeded to have a conversation with me whilst falling asleep on my shoulder. Mind you this, we were on line at burgerking while all this happened.

And just today, I had a woman in her 30s compliment my mohawk, called me cute, started to touch my face, and talk to me. I was on the train, and well I was perfectly comfy besides this woman and didn't want to move. She smelled like rotting shrimp, and I think she was on some type of drug (didnt smell like alcohol)
HAHA Rotting shrimp thats gross.
oh arent i just
Even only there were more girls around here with that thought. Maybe i'm just to busy with my band to notice anymore. But i haven't had a serious relationship in over a year. I guess chicks assume i'm ass, i do have that reputation, and avoid me altogether. I have no clue why i have the ass reputation though, i keep to myself mostly. Unless someone is talking about something that interests me. Which rarely happens with a bunch of poser thugs in my town. Literally out of three thousand people, me and my drummer are the only die hard punks. Our guitarist is a metal head with punk influence.


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