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I am buying my letter jacket this year and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what I can do to it. Don't hold back ideas, I am getting it just to mess it up. I think I am buying an L and F somewhere so I can put FML on it. (I already ahve a few M's) Of course patches and such.

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Lots of fucking studs, and paint.
Patches are good, and sew some random shit onto it, also chains and darts, lots of darts
Feathered darts or playing darts? =)
Lawn darts.
Darts Darts.
I'm kind of new at this so this may or may not be a completely retarded question. What do you mean by darts?
darts will help you lots.

i wouldn't do that "fml" idea, it sounds kinda funny now, but in 3 months, your gonna be like"why the hell did i do that?"
just lots of patches, and paint, the more original the better
Good idea. Anyone have any ideas of what i can do with the letters I have for the jacket?
what leters do you have already?

you say you have some M's, but did you buy the other yet or no?
I didn't buy any letters. So i just have a few M's. I am debating actually putting them on the jacket and painting them or putting something on them or buying some cool pins to put on there.


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