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My woman got me this M-65 field jacket, and I want to put patches all over it - but I was hoping somebody could dig up a picture of something similar that's been punked out first. I googled for like an hour :(

It looks like this

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I actually wanted to do that too lol i have this black one but its a lil too big and bulky for me to do anything with especially since i wanted to do studwork... the liner makes it a little difficult and i'm a lazy bastard lol... sorry i'm not much help, i couldn't find anything online either. i've never seen one done with the sleeves still on it but i think my friend SonicArchitect has something like that but he turned his into more of a vest... here's a link to a pic of his hope it helps.
sounds good man just go for it, have fun!
Dated a kid who had one that was sooo similar, but I never had a camera on me when he had it.
I'll see if he will email me a pic later today.

just run with it man!!
the best you could do is to cut off the sleeves and after that stud some leather patches and then sew it on the jacket so if you dont like it you just have to take off the patch and put it on your usual jacket
Don't cut any sleeves...I have an M65 in woodland camo that I found at a flea market. I've done a bit of work to it, mostly studs and perminant marker, random shit....

Its not the best to work with, but just do it as you go.

This is just the jacket I wear day to day, its constantly evolving. For one I still need something good to fill in the back.
I've got a second set from a dress uniform that use real 24k gold threads. :-D
If you live somewhere that gets cold regularly, sometimes it's good to have a long sleeved jacket. I usually layer my vests with hoodies, but I'm not a fan of the bulkiness.
THis is my jacket, its not nearly done, but the big Sadplant patch on the back was sewn on, and then i added a bunch of safety pins for effect..instead of studs. the bottom border has studs all along it. and oh the front i have some more work, but i have a lot to do
Hey man, nice jacket. But I think its actually just a plain ol' civvie coat. We're looking at a specific military coat.

Hey Amanda, the M65 has these whacky fold down flaps at the cuffs that're brilliant to stud. I did that to one side of mine at least....

The collar holds copious amounts of studs but it might not be very comfortable because that collar folds up and is VERY comfortable and useful in the cold. The pocket flaps are also prime for painting, studding, anything. And the breast pocket flaps are good for pins!

One of my favorite things about this coat is all the free space you have all over it to drawn or stick shit.


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