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hi im Tephros from mexico and i just made my mohawk well it is more like a deathawk but i would like to see if anyone have any opinion on how it looks and any advice in how to stand it up LOL

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Better pics would help, backcomb, and hairspray.
ok LOL I'll take more and upload them thanks
i think it already looks pretty good down, is your hair naturally curly/frizzy? ..thats a mega bonus for a deathhawk.
when you want it to stand just get a good hairspray, tease/backcomb a bunch and spray it!

its hard to tell in the pics but it kinda looks like you need to shape your sideburns a little better
ohhh thanks that helps a lot and yes my hair is naturally curly and frizzy LOL and thanks for the advice of the sideburns tomorroy I'll see how to fix them


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