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i was wondering if i was the only one. i rap, sing a little bit, little bit of engineering on the verses n stuff...cant do much else but im good at what i do and am always trying to expand my versatility

^a few of my tracks you can check out.

my boy had a hawk and plays guitar and sings but he shaved it off....

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rap and mohawks? uhhh... ok then
I was kinda thinking the same thing. Its a tad unusual, but not impossible. Something tells me it was a short lived mohawk. I love the long lasting ones that grow forever. Not so much the ones that are a quarter of an inch and last 1-5 weeks.
wow bro, pretty quick on the assumptions eh? do the world a favor and dont be one of those "punks" that jumps to cocky conclusions.
whats wrong with that? ive had mine since last that mind brah
Agreed. I'm not a huge rap fan personally but there's nothing wrong with a mohawked rapper.
Mohawk song.
Good for you. I wish I had the skill to braid mine xD
never said there was anything wrong with it, its just something i've never heard of. you guys jump to conclusions to quickly.
Nothing wrong with a little rap.
I play drums, sing, growl, yell and scream, i am learning bass, i play the djembe (badly) and i can play a little guitar
i dnt know many people that play the flute thats awesome!
I don't see why not. GH
Guitar and piano, mostly.


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