Mohawks Rock

I miss my really long hair, although I really love having a mohawk.


I don't know what to do to style it in a more... feminine way. I used to do the entire pin up thing, and I miss that too.


What other things can I do to a hawk besides fan, spike or attempt to curl it?

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I was thinking you could do curls and use bobby pins to help it stand up then lightly coat it with a bit of hairspay. Sorry if that sucks.
once a friend putted my hair upp but before that he used a flatiron that made curls ala 80:s look dont know what its called. Made a diffrent more feminin look to it. Have a picture somewhere in my album of it think it is the striped one.
crimper?? nice nice. I just need to respark my mohawk love. I like it, but I'm gonna grow it out :/

This is my old hair... It was like 4 years of growth... down to my ass...

Chelsea hawk with stummies.
Then curl the hawk.
I have the cut, i just meant more than curling it. Like an up-do


i did the pin up hairstyles before my hawk as well, somethimes instead of just your everyday fan, or deathhawk, i will do 1 or 2 victory rolls in the front, and either curl the back or leave it flat. it gives it a really girly, pin up look. sometimes i tease it like a death hawk, but shape it to go backwards, and leave some side bangs then put on a pretty headband. you could try a death hawk with a flower on the side, or something like that.
pin up-ish style i did awhile ago. we wanted to do some pincurls in the front but my hair was being stubborn. i wish i could pull off some victory rolls though!!

i also was just in a wedding, i styled it similar without the pomp and did tight ringlets in the back which i pulled apart to make it thicker. i got compliments all night, i was super happy with the look! if you have long bangs you can do pig tails, put it up with a bandana, add some cute hair accessorys like bows, sparkly clips, flowers, etc.. theres tons of stuff you can do you just gotta keep playing with it and trying things until you find styles you like!
that is really pretty
thanks :) i wish i had a picture of my hair for the wedding.. i loved it, makes me want to curl my hair every day :P


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