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my hawk survived a gig last night!
first time it hasnt fallen down after the 2nd band!
and at a rough gig aswell!
on only hairspray(crap stuff at that)

im happy about that!
pointless post but hey!

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awsome a few weeks ago my mohawk survived the rain two days in a row, constantly getting wet and drying out.. damn rain
that just happened to me yesterday dude. haha
i pride myself on making my awesome hair and hair i create as strong as i can, i once did liberty spikes/backfan for a mate it survived heavy rain, a metal concert and it took 2 hours to wash out the next day
ha i didnt make mine strong. barely enough hairspray for the spikes..
but it worked... 2 hours?! ouch! took me that long to get glue out..
hopefully my hawk will survive the next two concerts I have planned, last concert I went I didn't stick it up so this will be my first time trying
i never did figure out how my hawk survived an entire day of Mayhem Festival yet fell down after one show when i went to see the Strange Noize tour. oh well.
Maybe it has something to do with humidity?


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