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my boyfriend just cut his hair to a mohawk, but the only problem is that his hair isnt died or damaged I guess you can say, at all. I know that damaged hair works easilier than virgin hair, but we arent going to bleach his hair or anything, we just want to style it. Can anyone please give me some advice as to how this can be done, we tried beeswax, hairglue and hairspray at the salon but the woman didnt really know how to style it.his hair wouldnt stand up. I need tips, steps, products, any help at all will be very appreciated!

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been talked about 100000 times.
gel,beeswax and alll that wont work, you need either:
1)soap,2)glue.3)gellitin,4)[most commonly used and probably the best for your hair] GOOD hairspray-this includes rave and Got2B(a lot of people on the site use this, others have there preference but this is what i use so i know about it)

how to get it up
what you need:
a)1:hair dryer.
b)1-2 cans of hairspray-Got2B glue in my case(depending how much the ahir needs and how much is in the can)
c)either a good comb or a Pick(the ones a lot of black guys use for there Afros), a good brush also works fine(so im told)
d)1-2 mirrors. two is a LOT easier to get the back, i have only used 2 once thou since there's only one in my house, so it is possible to use one, it takes a lot of getting used to and feeling around with your hands.
e)patience. especially the first few times

so basically what your going to do:
1)air dry your hair completely, i like to shower-towel dry-let it sit 1-2 hours-and then move on. but usually with just a towl dry it stays damp.
2)brush and comb your hair
3)take a section, this is completely up to the wearer, some like strting at the back, some start, some in the middle, i go from the front- brush upwards hold tightly, the scalp should come up a bit, not painful but feel the pull.
4)hairspray one side, blow dry until fully dry
5)hairspray the other side, blow dry to fully dry
6)go onto the next section of hair
-repeat # 4-5 until done-

the way i do the hairspray+blow dry is:
when holding tightly upwards, i blow dry the roots of one side first, and then blow dry, once dry i blow dry the middle, blow dry, then the tips and dry, and the same for the other side(be careful your not using too much hairspray, some of it will go to waste if you do this way your first few times) i also re-do the tips when im all done.

lots of combing and re-combing is usual.

everyone picks up there own ways,some are obviously better(you can see some pics on this site lol) but it all takes practice
My fucking god. How the hell did you reply to all of this?
I usually just rant and say something like:

XD I give you props for being nice haha.
haha thank you.
Seriously though...
Thats a LOT of typing for such a basic and annoying topic.
i just started...and just kept going lol.
I actually know how easy it is...I wrote a paper for my college English class and it was a "how-to". My teacher only allows 5 paragraphs and 750 words. I had 750 in the first 2 paragraphs. xD
Am I immature because when ever someone ask's how to get it up I laugh and say look at some hawt nekkid chix?
Hahaha I do that too! I totally stole Spooks saying "about 30 seconds of foreplay"
Just look online and around this site for tips and such. It's everywhere. I would suggest just getting some aquanet hairspray and holding up the part of hair you wnat to put up, (for liberty spikes) and hairsprying the base of the spike and hairdrying it. then keep going up the spike. repeat. Some guy with a blue mohawk i think has a video of it on this site. you could always just blowdry the shit out of it when he gets out of the shower to kill his hair.
Practice with liberty spikes. They are easier to put up. You get used to what will hold your own hair up and how much you need. Then move onto a fan using the method explained above.
got2beglued thats the best glue to use to mold and style any hair and they have like hair spray thats basicaly cement so go try those out and like thee dude said get a pike ande a comb and hair dryer but that line is the best for any hair... i have like seth rogan curly hair but i grew it out and i used that and made ma hair straighter then a erected penise lol
My hair is very curly and nappy and i still manage to put it up in a mohawk.

I use got2b glue and hair spray.

What i first do is hairspray a small section of my hair,let it dry then apply got2b glue,blow dryer then repeat.


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