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Anyone want to recommend me some new stuff to listen to? Prefereably with a reson why I should check them out

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depends what you like?

a band i just came across recently called misspent youth are pretty decent. not exactly new, but within the last 10 years anyway.

or check out my friends band from new zealand, night gaunts:

i've got close to 100gb of music on my harddrive if you want to do a swap at some point.

Tower Blocks (theyre still around, but have been absorbed into Bad Co. Project with Oxymoron

Wednesday Night Heroes


The Agrestix

These bands don't get the attention they deserve!

That song by The Agrestix is amazing :D
The new Agrestix album "Generation without rules" is awesome.

That Wednesday Night Heroes video is awesome, you should check out a Belgian band called the Priceduifkes, they sound pretty similar

And I agree on the Agrestix one, pretty sweet

Found the new Agrestix album free here and here
Yeah thats really the only way to get that one..they aren't getting it pressed/distro.
Well what type of music are you looking for? Tom Waits is one of my favorites, though he's not "punk rock", he's still quite the badass.
Thanks guys, I'll be sure to check them out when I get the chance.  I've heard Goldblade before actually and they seemed pretty cool.  I'll give anything a go really I'm up for being challenged
I have 3 Goldblade albums if you want em, send me message!
Oh i forgot. I had an old profile a couple of years ago which i deleted sometime last year. but i helped with the compilation of THE LIST.

now you'll never run out of bands to check out!
wow cheers - that'll last me a little while I reckon! :D


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