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Couldn't figure out what group would be the most appropriate, so I'm making this an open forum instead.

What issues do you have the most with your hair? Have you found a way around it or are you still looking for help?


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I don't get the matching part (in line?) but have you tried starting the hawk in the trouble area and then fanning from there? I used to have that problem x10 when my hair was long and that helped me redistribute my hair evenly.
my hairspray ( got2be glued) makes this waxy film over my hair. it looks nasty, turns grayish white, and splits really easily. tips on how to stop this? it would be really helpful.
Use sparingly? How do you normally style your hair?

I didn't run into that problem the few times I did use it. I have noticed if I have my hair up for a week or so and touch it up, after a while the product rather noticable.
I use that hairspray, too, and I remember the first time I used it, it left that grayish white stuff, too.
What I do now is I spray it, then use my hand and lightly touch the part you just hairsprayed (run your hand against it kinda quickly). When you do that it doesn't take out the spray yet it makes it so that no white stuff shows up at all :)
My problem for now is that my hair is fucked. They're splitting in the ends, theyŗe dry and stuff, so I can't wear my hawk up all the time, I put it up only or rear occasions. ;( SoonI'm going to the barber's for an advice. Anybody has and advice how to fight that stuff?

p.s.I'm already using loads of conditioner and other stuff, but they help only temporary.
Get a trim, stop dyeing, leave-in conditioner, don't wash every day, don't take it down everyday (when you put it up), invest in good shampoo/conditioner (I use infusuim moistur(ology) errr something kinda spelt like that. It works wonders for my hair- maybe try the repair one? or any kind of repairing shampoo/conditioner set)
I've sopped dyeing my hair already. I have expensive(and high quaity repairing) shampoos, conditioners and other shit, and not I am going to get a hair mask. I'm forced put my 'hawk up only in rare occasions, and not for long time, and it seems to help. Will see what will happen after hair mask, maybe my 'hawk will continue to live.
Shampoo definitely doesn't have to be expensive. Trust me haha.

Hot oil treatments/hair masks are the best for your hair, it feels sooooo good
Hair masks are definetely good! ;D I just got one, and I must say that my hair feels like hair again ;D + I shaved the sides ;)

About those shampoos - my mom in involved with those bitches from GNLD (home buisness or whatever it's called) so she really believes that everything bought there is really natural and good (though my barber sayed that that shampoo sucks ass) ;D
I'm balding :(

That's why I have a fairly wide mohawk - so I can take hair from around the spot and fill the gap.
Have a little hair on the top, but heaps at the back.

Looks really weird when I have my hair down.
I cut my son's hair last night into a mohawk - and this morning relized it is not even. Any sugestions as to how to get an even (side to side) mohawk?

Also what are thoughts on kids in grade school with mohawks?
I don't remember where I read this... all I know is that someone on this site said it once, but I think it was something like this:

If their hair is shorter, you can use a piece of duct tape since tape is straight yet bends and just cut around the strip of tape. Then take the piece of tape off and it should be straight. Though I bet that would hurt, haha. Maybe if you put a bit of water on the duct tape first so it doesn't stick so much.


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